Pixar’s new film sparks worries about the studio’s future quality

An animated scene: a worried-looking, dress-wearing woman who is made out of flames, stands on a balcony and gazes off into the distance. Her water-based male companion, who wears a yellow T-shirt, looks at her with a slight grimace and gestures toward their blue, underwater-looking surroundings .

Elemental marks a departure for Pixar, falling short of its usual excellence. Unlike past Pixar films, which often defied expectations and delivered masterpieces, Elemental doesn’t live up to the studio’s high standards. While previous Pixar missteps were often attributed to franchise obligations or broad appeal requirements, Elemental, directed by Peter Sohn, disappoints in ways that previous failures didn’t.

The film, set in Element City where elemental beings coexist, boasts Pixar’s trademark attention to detail and a unique world with defined rules. Yet, despite these familiar elements, Elemental fails to impress. The central romance between Ember and Wade lacks excitement, and Ember’s struggle with her father’s expectations feels uninspired, especially in comparison to Turning Red, a Pixar film released just a year earlier that tackled similar themes more creatively.

Elemental’s metaphorical world, meant to symbolize larger issues, falls into confusion. The representation of immigrant characters from Fireland with Eastern European accents and vaguely Jewish characteristics feels muddled, lacking the clarity found in previous Pixar films like Turning Red. The film introduces irrelevant elements like Earth and Air people, further contributing to its lack of focus.

Review: Pixar's Elemental muddles its story, but it looks amazing - Vox

Pixar’s renowned commitment to storytelling excellence is notably absent in Elemental. The plot feels arbitrary, with poorly explained character motivations and unresolved plot holes. Unlike Pixar’s earlier films, Elemental lacks the precision and tight storytelling that once set the studio apart. The movie’s frequent flashbacks and unexplained twists suggest a reworked narrative, departing from Pixar’s usual meticulous approach to storytelling.

While Elemental may not signal the end of Pixar, it raises concerns about the studio’s seemingly foolproof formula. The film’s mediocrity challenges the notion that Pixar can consistently deliver excellence. While the studio may rebound with future releases, Elemental prompts a reflection on Pixar’s storytelling legacy and the need for new creative approaches.

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