Power Ranking: Strongest & Weakest Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Most Powerful Stands:

  1. Gold Experience Requiem – The ultimate Stand of Giorno Giovanna, possessing the power to nullify and revert any action back to zero. Its ability to manipulate cause and effect makes it virtually invincible.
  2. Made in Heaven – Enrico Pucci’s Stand grants him control over time acceleration, allowing him to rewrite the universe and reset its existence. Its immense speed and ability to manipulate time make it a formidable force.
  3. Star Platinum: The World – Jotaro Kujo’s Stand possesses incredible strength, speed, and precision. With the added time-stopping ability, it can overpower opponents and unleash devastating attacks.
  4. King Crimson – Diavolo’s Stand can erase time, creating a brief period where actions and events are skipped. Its ability to manipulate cause and effect makes it a formidable Stand in both offense and defense.
  5. The World – Dio Brando’s Stand shares similar abilities to Star Platinum, possessing immense strength and precision. With the power to stop time, it becomes a deadly threat to its opponents.
  6. Killer Queen – Yoshikage Kira’s Stand allows him to turn any object into a bomb. Its ability to explode targets upon touch, as well as activate various abilities, makes it a versatile and deadly Stand.
  7. Crazy Diamond – Josuke Higashikata’s Stand has incredible healing abilities, allowing it to restore objects and even living beings to their previous state. Its restoration powers combined with its strength make it a formidable Stand.
  8. Heaven’s Door – Rohan Kishibe’s Stand can read and manipulate the memories, thoughts, and actions of others. Its ability to rewrite people’s behavior and extract information gives it immense control over opponents.

Weakest Stands:

  1. Hermit Purple – Joseph Joestar’s Stand possesses limited offensive abilities and is primarily used for divination and creating psychic connections. Its combat effectiveness is relatively weak compared to other Stands.
  2. Sethan – Alessi’s Stand has the power to revert the age of individuals it touches, turning them into helpless children. While its ability can be a nuisance, it lacks the offensive capabilities of stronger Stands.
  3. Cheap Trick – This Stand attaches itself to the back of its user and seeks to transfer itself to someone else by revealing the user’s back. Its main ability is causing the death of anyone who sees the user’s back, making it dangerous but relatively weak in direct confrontations.
  4. Achtung Baby – Shizuka Joestar’s Stand has the power to turn herself invisible and mute, but it lacks offensive capabilities. Its abilities are primarily focused on stealth and evasion.
  5. Paisley Park – Yasuho Hirose’s Stand can assist in finding information and navigating through digital networks. While it has utility in certain situations, it lacks direct combat abilities.
  6. The Lock – Tamaki Damo’s Stand can immobilize and control objects but lacks offensive power. Its abilities are limited to restraining opponents and manipulating its surroundings.
  7. Little Feet – Formaggio’s Stand can shrink objects and people, but its offensive capabilities are limited. Its shrinking ability is more suited for evasion and stealth rather than direct confrontations.

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