Promised Neverland artist to create manga inspired by Kakegurui

The Promised Neverland art by Posuka Demizu

In an exciting development for fans of both Beyblade and The Promised Neverland, it has been announced that renowned manga artist Posuka Demizu will be lending her talents to a new project titled Beyblade X. Set to be published in Shogakukan’s Corocoro Comic, the manga will be based on the work of Kakegurui writers Kawamoto Homura and Hikaru Muno.

Beyblade, a beloved franchise that originated in 1999 through Shogakukan’s CoroCoro Comic, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its thrilling battles and captivating characters. Over the years, Beyblade has expanded its reach with anime adaptations and various manga series. Now, Beyblade X aims to introduce a new generation of beybladers and continue the saga.

Posuka Demizu, known for her breathtaking artwork in The Promised Neverland, will be spearheading the illustrations for Beyblade X. With her incredible talent for creating dynamic and emotionally charged visuals, fans are eager to see her interpretation of the Beyblade universe. The collaboration between Demizu and the talented writers behind Kakegurui has further fueled anticipation for this upcoming manga.

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Beyblade X is set to embark on a new journey starting in the summer of 2023. This installment will focus on the 4th Generation of beybladers, taking place after the events of the original 1999 Beyblade, the 2008 series Beyblade: Metal Fusion, and the 2015 series Beyblade Burst. The prospect of exploring a fresh storyline and encountering new characters has piqued the curiosity of fans who have followed the franchise’s evolution over the years.

As news of Posuka Demizu’s involvement in the project spread, reactions among fans were mixed. Many were thrilled by the announcement, recognizing the exceptional talent of Demizu and the renowned names associated with the series – The Promised Neverland, Kakegurui, and Beyblade. The combination of these creative forces has sparked excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead in Beyblade X.

However, not all reactions were met with pure enthusiasm. Some fans expressed disappointment that Posuka Demizu, whose artistry they hold in high regard, would be devoting her talents to a Beyblade manga. These fans believed that Demizu’s skills deserved a project with greater visibility, perhaps even one featured in Shueisha’s prestigious Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

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Meanwhile, others couldn’t help but recall their disappointment with The Promised Neverland’s second season, which left some viewers dissatisfied with the direction taken by CloverWorks. Despite this, the majority of fans remain hopeful and eager to experience Demizu’s manga firsthand, eager to witness the new setting, character designs, and storytelling that Beyblade X promises to deliver.

With the combined creative efforts of Posuka Demizu, Kawamoto Homura, and Hikaru Muno, the anticipation for Beyblade X continues to build. Fans eagerly await the release of the manga, excited to delve into a new chapter of the Beyblade universe and see the remarkable illustrations that will accompany the captivating story.

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