Ranking the 20 Most Heartbreaking Deaths in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

  1. Caesar Zeppeli – The tragic demise of this beloved character during the Battle Tendency arc left fans devastated. His sacrifice and unwavering loyalty to Joseph Joestar made his death a truly heart-wrenching moment.
  2. Iggy – The death of Iggy, the loyal and grumpy Boston Terrier, in Stardust Crusaders brought tears to the eyes of many viewers. His unexpected act of bravery and sacrifice deeply impacted the audience.
  3. Kakyoin Noriaki – Kakyoin’s death in Stardust Crusaders shocked fans as he fell victim to Dio Brando’s manipulation. His friendship with the Joestar group and his noble actions made his loss deeply felt.
  4. Jonathan Joestar – The original JoJo’s death in Phantom Blood marked the beginning of a long lineage of heroes. Jonathan’s noble and selfless nature, even in his final moments, made his passing an emotional turning point.
  5. Abbacchio – This standout character from Golden Wind met a tragic end while protecting his comrades. His complex backstory and personal growth made his death a poignant moment in the series.
  6. Narancia Ghirga – Narancia’s untimely demise in Golden Wind shocked fans with its suddenness and the loss of his youthful innocence. His vibrant personality and unwavering loyalty made his death all the more heartbreaking.
  7. Shigechi – Shigechi’s death in Diamond is Unbreakable affected fans deeply due to the character’s innocent and naive nature. The loss of this young Stand user left a lasting impact on the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure community.
  8. Bruno Bucciarati – The death of the charismatic leader of the Bucciarati gang in Golden Wind left fans reeling. Bruno’s journey, sacrifices, and unwavering determination made his farewell an emotional and memorable moment.
  9. Noriaki Kakyoin (Another Universe) – In the Steel Ball Run arc, Kakyoin’s alternate universe counterpart meets a tragic end, sacrificing himself to save Jotaro. His dedication to protecting his friends remained consistent across different timelines.
  10. Gyro Zeppeli – The demise of Gyro, a prominent character in Steel Ball Run, had a profound impact on readers. His friendship with Johnny Joestar and his unwavering resolve made his death a deeply emotional moment.
  11. Caesar Zeppeli (Another Universe) – In the Steel Ball Run alternate universe, Caesar’s counterpart suffers a similar fate to his original counterpart. His sacrifice to protect his loved ones showcases the strength of the Zeppeli lineage.
  12. Diavolo – The ultimate antagonist of Golden Wind, Diavolo’s defeat and subsequent death were met with mixed emotions. His complex character and tragic past added layers of depth to his final moments.
  13. Muhammad Avdol – Avdol’s initial death in Stardust Crusaders left fans mourning his loss, but his later resurrection did little to diminish the impact of his original demise. His wise and caring nature made him a fan-favorite character.
  14. Leone Abbacchio (Another Universe) – The Steel Ball Run alternate universe version of Abbacchio meets a tragic end, sacrificing himself to protect his allies. His loyalty and dedication remained unwavering across different dimensions.
  15. Narancia Ghirga (Another Universe) – In the alternate universe of Steel Ball Run, Narancia’s counterpart faces a similarly tragic fate. His untimely death showcases the recurring themes of sacrifice and loss in the series.
  16. Yoshikage Kira – As the main antagonist of Diamond is Unbreakable, Kira’s demise brought closure to his reign of terror. Despite his villainous nature, his complex character and the impact he had on the story made his death significant.
  17. Johnny Joestar – The protagonist of Steel Ball Run faces many challenges throughout his journey, and his eventual passing marked a bittersweet conclusion. His growth and personal redemption made his death a poignant moment.
  18. Jotaro Kujo – Jotaro’s death in Stone Ocean shocked fans, as he had been a central character since Stardust Crusaders. His loss marked a significant turning point in the series and left fans mourning the end of an era.
  19. Diego Brando – The alternate universe version of Dio Brando meets a tragic end in Steel Ball Run. Despite his villainous nature, his complex character and the impact he had on the story made his death a notable moment.
  20. Yoshikage Kira (Another Universe) – In the alternate universe of Steel Ball Run, Kira’s counterpart faces a similarly fateful end. His demise demonstrates the recurring themes of destiny and consequences in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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