Review of Episodes 1-6 of Kakegurui Twin (Streaming)

The anime adaptation of Kakegurui (Compulsive Gambler) was originally released in Japan in July 2017, but Netflix delayed its distribution outside of Japan until February 2018. Despite the initial delay, the series gained popularity and became one of Netflix’s most popular anime licenses. Along with two anime seasons, there were also live-action J-drama series, movies, and now an original net animation called Kakegurui Twin, based on the manga spin-off of the same name. However, since the original anime season is not yet finished, Kakegurui Twin offers a glimpse into Mary Saotome’s story before she becomes a pivotal character in the series.

Kakegurui Twin follows Mary, a first-year student at Hyakkaou Academy, who enters the school’s unique system based on gambling. In this system, wealth and luck determine one’s social standing, with the richest and luckiest individuals at the top while the poorest become servants. Despite her disadvantageous background, Mary refuses to let her circumstances hold her back and is determined to climb to the top. With the help of her friends, Tsuzura Hanatemari and Yukimi Togakushi, Mary strives to conquer the system and avoid succumbing to its pitfalls.

Although the structure of each episode in Kakegurui Twin is similar to the original series, with the protagonist engaging in high-stakes games, Twin presents more elaborate and complex games. At times, the explanations of how the villain is winning can become lengthy, but the animation remains visually engaging, even in seemingly simple games like rolling dice. Mary’s victories, although brief, are satisfying to witness.

The main protagonist of Kakegurui Twin, Mary, stands in contrast to Yumeko from the original series. Mary has more to prove as she entered the school through a scholarship, and losing games would have severe consequences for her. She is driven by ambition and places greater importance on her relationships with others. The series also introduces new characters, such as Mary’s devoted childhood friend Tsuzura, the shy bookworm Yukimi, and student council members Aoi, Sakura, and Sachiko, each adding their unique dynamics to the story.

The English dub of Kakegurui Twin features the same cast as the Netflix adaptation of the original series, with new additions delivering solid performances. MAPPA returns as the animation studio, delivering well-crafted visuals and an impressive opening sequence. The ending theme by Iris is enjoyable but not particularly memorable.

Kakegurui Twin offers a fun and fast-paced return to the gambling-focused school we know and love. Hopefully, this is just a taste of more Kakegurui content to come rather than a final farewell.

Kakegurui Twin is available for streaming on Netflix, with audio and subtitle options in various languages depending on your region.

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