Rumiko Takahashi, Creator of Inuyasha, Reveals Upcoming Manga Project

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In exciting news, it seems that the renowned creator of Inuyasha, Rumiko Takahashi, is back in the spotlight. While many anime fans are familiar with Takahashi’s remarkable work on Inuyasha, it’s important to note that this gifted artist is far from being a one-hit wonder. Throughout the decades, Takahashi has produced a plethora of successful projects that have captured the hearts of readers and viewers alike. And now, we have the pleasure of anticipating another manga masterpiece from this talented creator.

Thanks to Shogakukan, the publisher has shared a promotional teaser for Takahashi’s upcoming manga. This new work will be part of the Rumiko Theater Short Story catalog and is titled “The Power of Money.” The release date for this one-shot is set for early April, which means fans won’t have to wait long to delve into Takahashi’s latest creation.

The promotional teaser, as shown above, is a visual delight and bears all the hallmarks of Takahashi’s signature style. It features a stunningly beautiful woman dressed in elegant attire, while an older bespectacled man appears utterly captivated by her presence. The teaser tantalizes readers by posing the question, “A retired man bored with his life until a miraculous encounter, is it love or…?”

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According to Shogakukan, international fans can look forward to the release of this one-shot in early April. As always, Takahashi keeps herself busy not only with these side projects but also with her ongoing main series. One notable ongoing series that has held Takahashi’s attention for years is Mao, which debuted in Weekly Shonen Sunday in 2019. Mao serves as Takahashi’s follow-up to Rin-ne, which kept fans enthralled after the conclusion of Inuyasha in 2008. It’s worth mentioning that Inuyasha, which began its publication in 1996, remains one of the best-selling manga series of all time.

Of course, Inuyasha was not Takahashi’s first breakthrough success. The artist achieved early fame with Urusei Yatsura, which debuted in 1978. Following that, Takahashi struck gold once again with the beloved series Ranma 1/2, which premiered in 1987. Since then, Takahashi’s career has continued to shine brightly. The concept of Takahashi’s short story series originated in 1987, making “The Power of Money” just one of the many captivating tales within her extensive catalog.

For those who may not be familiar with Takahashi’s illustrious career, it’s worth noting that this mangaka is highly esteemed and adored throughout Japan. Takahashi’s artistic journey began in 1978, following her passion for drawing during high school. Pursuing her dreams further, she enrolled in a manga-focused college and embarked on her professional career under the guidance of Shogakukan. Since publishing her first full-length manga, Takahashi has received numerous accolades, including Japan’s Medal with Purple Ribbon and the prestigious Grand Prix de la ville d’Angoulême. Therefore, it is highly recommended for both fans and newcomers to explore Takahashi’s revered stories without delay.

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