RUMOR: Original Actor Could Return for Disney’s Live-Action Hercules

The anticipation for Disney’s live-action remake of “Hercules” has been steadily building, and the latest rumor adds an exciting twist to the mix. It seems that the studio is considering bringing back a beloved character’s original actor for the new movie.

As part of Disney’s ongoing strategy to transform their animated classics into lucrative live-action blockbusters, “Hercules” has been marked for a fresh adaptation. With previous successes like “The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Aladdin” crossing the billion-dollar mark, the live-action trend is far from slowing down. While “The Little Mermaid” didn’t quite achieve the same level of success as its predecessors, Disney remains dedicated to reimagining their beloved stories in this format.

News emerged that Disney had its sights set on Taron Egerton for the titular role of Hercules and Ariana Grande for the character of Meg. However, a recent report by Toonado has sparked further excitement by hinting at the potential return of an original cast member.

The actor in question is Danny DeVito, known for his portrayal of Philocetes in the animated “Hercules.” According to the report, before the actors’ strike put a temporary halt to discussions, DeVito was in negotiations with Disney to reprise his role as the grumpy satyr. Phil, a key character in Hercules’ journey from a clumsy young man to a heroic figure, played a significant part in the heartwarming narrative of the original film.

When news of the live-action remake first broke, fans quickly took to social media to express their desire for DeVito’s return. Some even went so far as to say they’d boycott the film if he weren’t cast. DeVito’s own enthusiasm for the role was evident when he humorously stated in an interview with Wired, “I am the live-action Hercules! What are you talkin’ about? Philoctetes! If they don’t put me in that, they don’t have a hair on their a–!” His passion for the character and the project was palpable, aligning perfectly with the fans’ hopes.

Amidst the buzz surrounding DeVito’s potential return, it’s worth noting that “Hercules” has already assembled an impressive lineup of talent. Guy Ritchie, who directed the live-action “Aladdin,” is set to helm “Hercules,” and the script was initially being developed by David Callaham of “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” fame. Additionally, the Russo brothers, well-known for their work on numerous Marvel films, are on board as producers.

While the casting rumors continue to swirl, the ongoing actors’ strike has added an extra layer of uncertainty to the process. As fans eagerly await confirmation and further details, it’s clear that the potential return of Danny DeVito as Phil has added a thrilling dimension to the “Hercules” remake. The project remains in development, and with each new development, the excitement for the live-action adaptation continues to grow.

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