Sailor Moon’s attacks showcased their diversity, and one particular moment highlights this

In episode five of Sailor Moon’s first season, a notable departure from the show’s well-established formula occurred, offering fans a refreshing break from the norm that may not be widely remembered.

Sailor Moon, along with other magical girl series it influenced, is often criticized for its highly choreographed nature. However, this particular episode challenged those expectations early on by breaking the formula and introducing a unique twist to the series.

During the episode, Sailor Moon faces off against the Dark Kingdom’s Iguara, a menacing creature that exploits humanity’s desire for energy. In a surprising turn of events, the monster ensnares Sailor Moon with its massive reptilian tail, lifting her off the ground and severely restricting her movements. To defeat Iguara, Sailor Moon must rely on her Moon Tiara Action attack and target the base of the monster’s tail. However, due to her limited mobility, she is forced to grasp her Moon Tiara with her whole hand, forgoing the usual precision and opting for a quick, powerful thrust with her one free arm.

This departure from the established formula highlights Sailor Moon’s adaptability and resourcefulness in challenging situations. It serves as a reminder that even within a structured and repetitive framework, the series is capable of surprising viewers with unique moments of creativity and problem-solving.

It is worth noting that not every choreographed instance in Sailor Moon evolves to accommodate the immediate environment or the unique circumstances of each battle. In episode nine, for example, Usagi (Sailor Moon’s alter ego) finds herself affected by dark energy, causing her to feel the need to expedite her actions. However, during her transformation into Sailor Moon and subsequent use of Moon Tiara Action, she adheres to the usual sequence without attempting to hasten or skip any steps.

Ironically, the slight deviation from the formula in episode five adds a certain charm to the Moon Tiara Action routine. While some viewers may perceive the reused animation as repetitive, it remains an important part of the franchise’s identity. Much like Goku’s iconic Kamehameha in Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon’s choreographed attacks and transformations contribute to the show’s unique allure. Removing or altering them would diminish the series’ magical essence. Nonetheless, it is essential to acknowledge that Sailor Moon did venture outside its established formula on occasion, infusing the narrative with diversity and surprise.

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