Should you watch Fairy Tail’s filler arcs?

Filler arcs have become a common phenomenon in anime, and while some viewers may not be big fans of them, they can provide an important break from an intense and overwhelming plotline. Fairy Tail is an anime that features several filler arcs, which has led to a debate among fans about whether or not they are worth watching. However, upon closer examination, it’s clear that these filler arcs have some important contributions to the overall story of the series.

One reason for the inclusion of filler arcs in Fairy Tail is to provide some much-needed character development, especially for characters who don’t often get the spotlight. For example, two of the main filler arcs, the Key of the Starry Sky arc and the Eclipse Celestial Spirit arc, both revolve around Lucy and her Celestial Spirit Magic. These arcs allow viewers to see more of Lucy’s backstory and her relationship with her spirits, which is an important part of her character.

Another reason for the use of filler arcs is to provide a break in the tension after a major story arc. For example, the Key of the Starry Sky arc is placed right after the Tenrou Island incident and the seven-year timeskip, which were both very intense and emotional storylines. The Eclipse Celestial Spirit arc is placed after the Grand Magic Games arc, which also saw a lot of revelations and character deaths. These filler arcs offer a chance for viewers to take a breath and recover before diving into the next major story arc.

While some may argue that filler arcs offer little value to the main plotline, this is not necessarily true in Fairy Tail. The Key of the Starry Sky arc, for example, focuses on Lucy’s relationship with her father and her Celestial Spirit Magic, both of which play an important role in the series. The Eclipse Celestial Spirit arc also sheds light on the Celestial Spirit Realm, which is a crucial aspect of the series’ mythology.

Ultimately, while skipping filler arcs may not impact the overall story, watching them can provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for the characters and the world of Fairy Tail. These filler arcs also provide some much-needed relief from the intensity of the main storylines and offer an opportunity to connect with some of the series’ beloved supporting characters. Overall, Fairy Tail’s filler arcs are definitely worth watching.

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