Soul Eater characters’ age, height, and birthday information

Here’s a list of the ages, heights, and birthdays of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Soul Eater”:

  1. Maka Albarn: Age 13, Height 5’1″, Birthday November 2nd
  2. Soul “Eater” Evans: Age 14, Height 5’9″, Birthday August 7th
  3. Black☆Star: Age 14, Height 5’3″, Birthday March 6th
  4. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa: Age 14, Height 5’3″, Birthday February 23rd
  5. Death the Kid: Age 13, Height 5’4″, Birthday June 11th
  6. Patty Thompson: Age 12, Height 4’10”, Birthday December 8th
  7. Liz Thompson: Age 12, Height 4’10”, Birthday December 8th
  8. Dr. Franken Stein: Age 27, Height 6’3″, Birthday January 15th
  9. Medusa Gorgon: Age Unknown, Height 5’7″, Birthday Unknown
  10. Crona: Age Unknown, Height 5’5″, Birthday Unknown

Maka Albarn, the protagonist of the series, is 13 years old and stands at 5’1″ tall. Her birthday is on November 2nd. Her partner, Soul “Eater” Evans, is 14 years old and is much taller at 5’9″. He was born on August 7th. Black☆Star, another main character, is also 14 years old but is shorter at 5’3″. His birthday is on March 6th. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, Black☆Star’s weapon partner, is the same age and height as him and was born on February 23rd.

Death the Kid, the son of Lord Death and one of Maka’s friends, is 13 years old and stands at 5’4″. His birthday is on June 11th. The Thompson sisters, Patty and Liz, are both 12 years old and share the same height of 4’10”. Their birthday is on December 8th.

Dr. Franken Stein, a teacher at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, is the oldest main character at 27 years old and stands at an impressive height of 6’3″. His birthday is on January 15th. Medusa Gorgon, a major antagonist in the series, has an unknown age and height, as well as an unknown birthday. Crona, another major character, also has unknown age and height information, as well as an unknown birthday.

Overall, “Soul Eater” features a diverse cast of characters with unique ages, heights, and birthdays, adding depth and complexity to the world and story of the series.

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