Subaru’s Character Development in Re:Zero Season 1 vs Now

Re:Zero is one of the most popular Isekai anime series in the Anime Community, and the protagonist, Subaru, has gone through significant character development in the course of the series. The show has become immensely popular since its first airing in 2016, earning the 23rd spot on MyAnimeList, a website that ranks and tracks anime series. However, there is a considerable gap between early Subaru and his later iterations, given the time between season one and the concluding episodes of season two in early 2021.

In the first season, Subaru starts off as a controversial character among fans due to his inconsiderate behavior towards Emilia, the person he claims to love unconditionally. His adoration for Emilia is later revealed to be a selfish desire, and his entitled behavior towards her demonstrates how flawed he is as a character. Season one highlights Subaru’s character flaws and his self-loathing behavior, which becomes the groundwork for his growth in the second season.

In season two, episode 4, Subaru confronts his past through the vision of the Witch Trials, where he reconciles his past actions and begins to build a positive self-image. The second season portrays Subaru’s journey in trying to save his loved ones and the townsfolk in the Sanctuary, facing multiple challenges and moral dilemmas. As the problems exacerbate, he is forced to confront the consequences of his self-sacrificial mindset and his willingness to throw away his life over and over to alleviate the suffering of others.

Through the Witch Trials, Subaru learns the impact of his actions on his friends and how selfish he has been. He begins to value his life and decides not to rely solely on his Return by Death but instead relies on his friends and allies. In turn, he offers his love and support to those around him, including Emilia, who struggles with similar self-loathing attitudes.

Subaru’s character growth throughout the series is a great representation of how far a character can come when willing to confront their past actions and seek change. The show has resonated with fans due to its realistic portrayal of mental struggles and its ability to portray flawed characters who have room for growth. As the show progresses, it is exciting to see how Subaru continues to develop and grow.

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