Surprising Creative Team Unites for New Beyblade Manga

Unexpectedly Talented Team Takes on New Beyblade Manga

The latest Beyblade manga may be considered a children’s series, but don’t underestimate the creative minds behind it. The new manga, titled Beyblade X, brings together a team of renowned creators who have delivered some of the most acclaimed manga in recent years.

While Beyblade has become a classic anime franchise, known primarily for its toys, the manga series that inspired the anime back in 1999 is not as widely recognized. To celebrate an early anniversary, a new manga installment is set to be released, and the talent involved is truly surprising.

Beyblade X assembles a creative team that goes beyond expectations. With the likes of Homura Kawamoto, the creator of popular franchises such as High Card and Kakegurui, and Pozuka Demizu, the artist behind the successful series The Promised Neverland, this collaboration promises to transcend nostalgia and offer an exciting experience for readers of all generations.

Homura Kawamoto, known for crafting compelling narratives, takes on the role of the writer for Beyblade X. His work on Kakegurui, which spawned an anime, movie, TV drama, and video game adaptation, has garnered widespread acclaim. Meanwhile, Pozuka Demizu, acclaimed for her artistry in The Promised Neverland, brings her talent to the manga’s illustrations. Despite the seemingly unusual choice of pairing these creators with a child-friendly franchise like Beyblade, their expertise and unique perspectives make them an ideal fit for the project, offering a fresh take on the series.

On the surface, it may appear strange to entrust a renowned dark fantasy thriller creator and an artist known for eerie illustrations with a Beyblade series, known for its kid-friendly nature. However, Demizu’s versatility extends beyond her work on The Promised Neverland, having illustrated trading cards for franchises like Pokémon and contributed to children’s magazines. Moreover, reports suggest that Beyblade X will draw inspiration from Kawamoto’s Kakegurui, infusing the story with tension and danger while maintaining its core focus on spinning tops. The creative team’s selection showcases a well-thought-out decision, bringing together talents that can elevate Beyblade X beyond its initial expectations.

The involvement of such esteemed artists and writers indicates that the new manga holds significant importance. Their participation also serves as a form of marketing, attracting readers who may not have previously engaged with Beyblade or its anime adaptation but are intrigued by the involvement of these highly regarded creators known for their “mature” manga works. By incorporating elements from their previous successful stories, the team has the potential to infuse Beyblade X with genuine tension and gravitas, elevating it from a simple children’s tale to a captivating experience for readers of all ages.

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