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Top 10 JoJo fights according to Reddit

According to Reddit, here is a list of the top 10 best fights in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Jotaro vs. DIO (Stardust Crusaders): The iconic showdown between Jotaro Kujo and the main antagonist DIO, featuring intense Stand battles and the iconic “The World” time-stop ability. Joseph vs. Kars (Battle Tendency): A thrilling fight between Joseph Joestar […]

Is Giorno Giovanna the strongest JoJo in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

Is Giorno Giovanna the strongest JoJo in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? In the world of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, each protagonist from the Joestar family possesses unique virtues and abilities that make them formidable fighters. Giorno Giovanna, the protagonist of Golden Wind, is no exception. With his Stand, Golden Experience Requiem (GER), Giorno surpasses all other JoJos […]

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R gets 2 free DLC characters from Stone Ocean

Bandai Namco has recently released two new free DLC characters for its popular anime fighting game, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R. These characters come from the Stone Ocean arc and include Weather Forecast and the final form of Father Pucchi. It’s worth noting that Father Pucchi was already included in the base roster of […]

Explanation of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s mysterious Locacaca fruit

The Locacaca fruit is a fascinating and important object in the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. In Part 8 of the series, Jojolion, it plays a central role in the plot, and it is increasingly looking like it will be relevant to Part 9 as well. So what is the Locacaca fruit, exactly? In Jojolion, […]

Keicho Nijimura, a new DLC character, has been announced for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R

Publisher Bandai Namco and developer CyberConnect2 have delighted fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with the exciting announcement of a new downloadable content character for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R. The forthcoming addition to the game’s roster is none other than Keicho Nijimura, a character well-known to fans of the beloved franchise. While an […]

Ranking the 7 Most Iconic Outfits in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Here’s a list of the 7 most iconic outfits in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise: Jotaro Kujo’s Stardust Crusaders Outfit: Jotaro’s signature attire consists of a dark blue, high-collared trench coat with golden embellishments, a black undershirt, fingerless gloves, and a distinctive hat adorned with a gold chain. This ensemble has become synonymous with Jotaro’s […]

Understanding Hamon and Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a shonen anime that has achieved cult classic status and has set a high bar for future anime. But what makes JoJo stand out from other anime is its unique power systems – Hamon and Stands. The author of the JoJo manga, Hirohiko Araki, has had a versatile journey through different […]

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure linked to Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a manga series that has been around since 1986, written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. The series is famous for its unique storyline and innovative use of the Shonen genre’s traditional themes. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a monument to the time in which it was created, littered as it is with […]

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure teases an unexpected background for DIO’s offspring

The latest chapter of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Crazy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak has fans of the series buzzing with excitement and speculation. Chapter 15 hints at a surprising origin story for DIO’s sons, a topic that has long been a source of confusion and criticism for fans of the series. Ungalo, Rikiel, and Donatello Versus were […]

A recently released spin-off of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has enhanced the quality of Part 3 significantly

The poker match between Jotaro and D’arby in Stardust Crusaders is a legendary moment in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and the new spinoff, Crazy Diamond’s Demonic Heartbreak, has elevated it to new heights. Chapter 12 of the spinoff has just been released, and it adds a new layer of complexity and depth to the already iconic […]