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The top 10 romance manga that will make you fall in love

Here’s a list of the top 10 romance manga that are bound to make you fall in love: “Kimi ni Todoke” by Karuho Shiina: This heartwarming series follows the story of Sawako, a misunderstood girl with a gloomy appearance, and her journey to find acceptance and love. With endearing characters and a captivating love story, […]

What is the number of Inuyasha seasons available on Netflix?

If we were asked to provide a recommendation for an anime series that serves as an excellent starting point for beginners embarking on their anime binge-watching journey, we would wholeheartedly endorse Inuyasha, a choice shared by a substantial portion of the anime community. This captivating anime, which debuted in 2002, delves into the life of […]