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All you need to know about the Shikon Jewel in Inuyasha

“All the important details about the Shikon Jewel in Inuyasha.” The Shikon Jewel, also known as the Jewel of Four Souls or the Sacred Jewel, plays a crucial role in the anime series Inuyasha. It is a highly sought-after jewel desired by demons and protected by humans. Its power can transform a demon into a […]

Ginka & Glüna introduces its own rendition of Inuyasha’s Shikon Jewel

“Shōnen Jump’s latest manga, Ginka & Glüna, shares similarities with Inuyasha’s main quest, hinting at the possible direction of the story. The manga features two powerful magicians, Ginka (a snowman) and Glüna (his witch apprentice), embarking on a quest to locate and restore Ginka’s original body. The premise of Ginka & Glüna bears resemblance to […]