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“Hocus Pocus” is beloved, but it’s not Disney’s top Halloween movie

Another Disney Halloween classic surpasses ‘Hocus Pocus’ in every aspect. While ‘Hocus Pocus’ enjoys iconic status, Disney’s cult favorite, which has charmed audiences for 30 years, faces strong scrutiny. If you dare to question the merits of ‘Hocus Pocus,’ you may incur the wrath of its ardent fanbase. Nevertheless, while ‘Hocus Pocus’ exudes charm and […]

DreamWorks Animation Makes MoonRay Renderer Open Source

DreamWorks Animation has officially made its MoonRay production renderer available as an open-source tool for public use. The announcement, which follows their intent to do so at SIGGRAPH 2022, garnered significant interest and numerous inquiries. During this time, DreamWorks collaborated with prerelease partners to refine the code, enhance documentation, and improve the interface, ensuring that […]