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A new Fire Force game is currently being developed

Exciting news for Fire Force fans! A brand new Fire Force game is currently in the works, and it comes with an extra treat – the popular Japanese rock band, Mrs. Green Apple, will be lending their musical talents to the game by performing the opening theme. While specific details about the game’s developer, platforms, […]

Fire Force Manga Concludes

On February 22, fans bid farewell to the captivating world of Fire Force as the final chapter of the manga was published in the Weekly Shonen Magazine, marking the official end of an extraordinary journey that spanned over six years. Created by the talented Atsushi Ohkubo, Fire Force made its debut on September 23, 2015, […]

Fire Force creator prepares for Season 3 with new art

After the scorching end of season two, Fire Force left fans anxiously waiting for news about the highly anticipated season three. Finally, the long-awaited confirmation arrived this month, igniting a blaze of excitement across social media. Adding fuel to the fire, series creator Atsushi Ohkubo himself is stoking the anticipation with a captivating new poster. […]

Fire Force Fans Gear Up for Season 3

Since the conclusion of the Fire Force manga earlier this year, there has been a sense of anticipation surrounding the fate of the anime adaptation. Fans knew that the series would not remain dormant for long, and their curiosity about the future of Fire Force has only intensified. Following the conclusion of the second season, […]

Fire Force Anime: Season 3 Confirmed and in Production

The exciting news has arrived for fans of the fire-fighting anime series Fire Force, as the producers have officially confirmed the highly anticipated third season of the show. Shinra Kusakabe and the rest of Special Fire Force Company 8 will be returning to our screens, continuing their thrilling adventures in the world of flames. The […]

Fire Force Season 1’s problem is its “self-insert” fantasy

Fire Force’s Shinra Kusakube is a strong protagonist, but the poorly written female characters mar the series. Fire Force presents a unique anime storyline where humanity lives in fear of spontaneous combustion, with the Special Fire Force fighting the resulting Infernals. While the series boasts powerful flame-related abilities and an intriguing premise, it falls short […]

Fire Force: Season Three & Mobile Game Announced

The anime adaptation of Fire Force had a successful run with its first two seasons, which aired in 2019 and 2020. However, following the announcement of the final chapter of the popular Fire Force manga series, there had been little information about the much-anticipated third season of the anime. Fans had been eagerly waiting for […]

Here’s the essential information about Fire Force Season 3

Fire Force: Season 3 is highly anticipated as the manga reaches the significant milestone of 20 million copies sold worldwide. The official Twitter account of the anime has confirmed that a third season is in the works. With the manga concluding earlier this year after a successful seven-year run, Fire Force is poised to continue […]

10 Intriguing Facts About Joker in Fire Force

Joker, a mysterious character in Fire Force, is full of surprises. Here are some interesting and detailed facts about Joker: Joker’s true identity remains shrouded in mystery, even among the characters in the series. He conceals his past and personal history, making it difficult for others to uncover his true origins. He is known for […]

Good news for Fire Force fans! Season three of the anime is now in production

Fire Force Season Three is currently in production and on its way, bringing more of the post-apocalyptic fire fighting action. Despite its quiet popularity, Fire Force has gained a strong following since its debut in 2019. While it may not receive as much mainstream attention or merchandise, the series has been successful in terms of […]