The DC Universe’s Initial Superman Film Setting Could Rectify a DCEU Oversight

Comic book Superman over Clark in the scout ship from Man of Steel

The DC Universe (DCU) aims to rectify past missteps seen in the decade-long run of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Recently disclosed details about the filming location for James Gunn’s Superman film hint at a deliberate effort to correct contentious aspects from the DCEU era. DC’s previous attempt at a cinematic universe faced criticism for altering established DC lore, such as Superman’s iconic red trunks missing or Batman’s deviation from traditional principles in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.’

One major issue with the DCEU timeline stemmed from its inception as a sequel to ‘Man of Steel,’ initially conceived as a standalone Superman franchise by Zack Snyder. Consequently, Snyder’s interpretation of Superman and his backstory, including controversial elements like the destruction of Metropolis, became entrenched within the DCEU canon. Now, the DCU Superman movie seems poised to address and potentially rectify such unpopular decisions.

In particular, the depiction of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in the DCEU was a departure from traditional lore, opting for a crashed Kryptonian scout ship instead of the iconic ice fortress. This decision was met with criticism for deviating from established comic book aesthetics. However, recent developments suggest James Gunn’s Superman film will embrace a more authentic interpretation of the Fortress, with filming in Norway indicating a return to the icy locale.

Superman next to a hologram of his father in Man of Steel

Gunn’s approach appears to integrate more high-concept elements from DC Comics, including characters like Green Lantern and Metamorpho, promising a broader and more colorful universe than seen in ‘Man of Steel.’ By leveraging an underutilized aspect of Superman’s history, Gunn’s film sets a hopeful precedent for the franchise’s future.

In discussing early scenes filmed for Superman, Gunn hinted at a return to the traditional ice fortress, setting the stage for a visually striking and comic-accurate depiction. Additionally, the choice of Svalbard as a filming location suggests a visually captivating setting for the Fortress, enhancing the film’s appeal beyond previous iterations. With Gunn’s penchant for unique superhero storytelling, Superman’s Fortress of Solitude is poised to become a standout feature in the evolving DCU landscape.

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