The Fantastic Four’s Latest MCU Member Revives a 20-Year-Old Deleted Marvel Movie Scene

Ioan Gruffudd Stretching as Mr Fantastic with Pedro Pascal playing Joel in The Last of Us

In the upcoming Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), fans are eagerly anticipating the introduction of The Fantastic Four, one of Marvel’s most beloved superhero teams. While much speculation has surrounded the casting and plot details of this highly anticipated film, a recent revelation has added an intriguing twist to the narrative: the inclusion of a character who has already made a live-action debut in a surprising manner.

The surprise addition to The Fantastic Four’s MCU roster is none other than HERBIE, a character that may be unfamiliar to casual fans but holds significant importance in the lore of Marvel’s First Family. HERBIE, short for “Highly Engineered Robot Built for Interdimensional Exploration,” serves as the team’s robotic assistant and has been a recurring character in various iterations of Fantastic Four comics and media adaptations.

Despite HERBIE’s relatively obscure status compared to the more prominent members of The Fantastic Four, his inclusion in the MCU’s Phase 5 has sparked considerable excitement among die-hard fans, who appreciate the nod to the team’s rich history and mythology. HERBIE’s significance lies not only in his role as a supportive ally to the heroes but also in his representation of the team’s legacy and enduring appeal across different mediums.

HERBIE or HUBERT Lying Around in Reed Richards' Storage in Tim Story's 2005 Fantastic Four Movie

Interestingly, HERBIE’s live-action debut predates the MCU’s rendition of The Fantastic Four by two decades, as he made a fleeting appearance in a deleted scene from the 2005 Fantastic Four movie directed by Tim Story. In this scene, Sue Storm and Reed Richards stumble upon a small, silver robot with distinctive features, evoking curiosity and discomfort in Sue. While the robot’s role in the film was limited to this brief cameo, its presence hinted at a deeper connection to the Fantastic Four mythos, one that would only be fully realized years later in the MCU’s cinematic universe.

The decision to incorporate HERBIE into the MCU’s Phase 5 iteration of The Fantastic Four reflects Marvel Studios’ commitment to honoring the source material while also introducing new elements to captivate audiences. By acknowledging HERBIE’s existence and significance within the team’s mythology, Marvel Studios pays homage to the comic book roots of The Fantastic Four while simultaneously expanding the cinematic universe’s narrative scope.

Furthermore, HERBIE’s inclusion in The Fantastic Four’s MCU adaptation opens up exciting possibilities for storytelling and character development. As a sentient robot with a distinct personality, HERBIE brings a unique dynamic to the team dynamic, offering comedic relief, technological expertise, and potential story arcs centered around his origins and capabilities.

Fantastic Four City Human Torch MCU Poster

HERBIE’s MCU debut also serves as a testament to the creative vision and attention to detail exhibited by Marvel Studios in crafting immersive and interconnected narratives. By weaving elements from past Marvel adaptations into the fabric of the MCU, the studio creates a sense of continuity and cohesion that resonates with fans and enriches the viewing experience.

As anticipation continues to build for The Fantastic Four’s Phase 5 debut, the inclusion of HERBIE stands as a testament to Marvel’s commitment to honoring its rich comic book heritage while forging new paths in the ever-expanding MCU. With HERBIE poised to make his mark alongside Marvel’s iconic superheroes, the future looks bright for The Fantastic Four and their loyal legion of fans.

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