“The latest trailer for Sailor Moon Cosmos focuses on Mercury and Jupiter.”

The latest character trailer for Sailor Moon Cosmos is available on both YouTube and TikTok. This trailer features Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter and showcases their different fighting styles. While Sailor Mercury fights in a calculated and intellectual way, Sailor Jupiter focuses more on sheer power. The voice actresses from the show will reprise their roles for the movie.

The trailer uses the original Sailor Moon opening music as a background score. Sailor Mercury reminds viewers to prepare for their classes while Sailor Jupiter believes that people who love plants are good. The short clip also highlights Ami’s more aggressive side and reveals Makoto’s girly nature beneath her tough exterior.

Hisako Kanemoto, who previously voiced Erina Nakiri in Food Wars and Lucky Chloe in Tekken 7, voices Sailor Mercury (Ami Mizuno) in Crystal. Meanwhile, Ami Koshimizu, who played Kallen in Code Geass and Beidou in Genshin Impact, voices Sailor Jupiter (Makoto Kino).

Sailor Moon Cosmos is a two-part theatrical adaptation of the Stars arc from the manga. The first part will premiere on June 9, 2023, with the second part following on June 30, 2023.

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