The Most Heartbreaking Characters in Lord of the Rings, Ranked

  1. Frodo Baggins: As the Ring-bearer burdened with the task of destroying the One Ring, Frodo endures immense physical and emotional suffering throughout his journey. His struggles with the corrupting influence of the Ring and the weight of his responsibility take a heavy toll on him, leading to profound psychological scars and a sense of isolation from those he loves.
  2. Gollum (Smeagol): Once a hobbit-like creature named Smeagol, Gollum’s tragic descent into madness and obsession with the One Ring is a poignant tale of inner conflict and the destructive power of greed. His transformation into the wretched creature Gollum represents the tragic consequences of succumbing to the Ring’s allure, as well as the possibility of redemption ultimately denied.
  3. Boromir: A noble warrior of Gondor, Boromir’s tragic flaw lies in his desire to use the Ring’s power for the good of his people. His internal struggle between duty and temptation ultimately leads to his downfall, as he succumbs to the Ring’s influence and attempts to take it from Frodo. Boromir’s redemption through self-sacrifice underscores the complexity of his character and the weight of his tragic fate.
  4. Aragorn (Strider): The rightful heir to the throne of Gondor, Aragorn carries the burden of his lineage and the weight of his destiny as the future king. His internal conflict stems from his fear of failure and unworthiness to fulfill his role, leading to moments of doubt and self-doubt. Aragorn’s journey of self-discovery and eventual acceptance of his fate exemplifies the theme of personal sacrifice and the pursuit of redemption.
  5. Theoden: The King of Rohan, Theoden faces numerous trials and tribulations throughout his reign, including the loss of his son and the machinations of the traitorous Grima Wormtongue. His transformation from a broken and manipulated ruler to a courageous and selfless leader is a testament to his resilience and inner strength. Theoden’s tragic arc serves as a powerful example of redemption and the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.
  6. Denethor: The Steward of Gondor, Denethor’s tragic downfall is fueled by his despair and obsession with power. Consumed by grief over the death of his son Boromir and the impending doom of Gondor, Denethor descends into madness and ultimately chooses to end his own life rather than face defeat. His tragic end is a cautionary tale of the dangers of unchecked ambition and despair.
  7. Faramir: The younger brother of Boromir, Faramir struggles to live up to his father Denethor’s expectations and earn his approval. Despite his bravery and sense of duty, Faramir is overshadowed by his brother’s legacy and subjected to Denethor’s harsh criticism. His unrequited love for Eowyn and his willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater good underscore the tragic nature of his character.
  8. Samwise Gamgee: Despite his steadfast loyalty and unwavering courage, Sam’s tragic flaw lies in his inability to fully comprehend the magnitude of the task entrusted to him and Frodo. His unwavering devotion to Frodo leads him to endure unimaginable hardships and sacrifices, including the loss of his innocence and the prospect of a normal life. Sam’s unwavering loyalty and selflessness make him one of the most tragic yet ultimately heroic characters in the Lord of the Rings saga.

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