The official start of JoJo Part 9 features the introduction of a new teenage protagonist from Hawaii

Fans of the long-running manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can rejoice, as the latest installment, JoJo Part 9, has officially begun. Titled “JOJOlands,” the manga introduces readers to a new protagonist named Jodio Joestar, a 15-year-old teenager from Hawaii. The first chapter, which was recently released in Seinen magazine Ultra Jump, sets the scene for Jodio and his cross-dressing brother Dragona, who are struggling to make ends meet in Hawaii’s capital city, Oahu.

Jodio and Dragona work for a crime boss named Meryl May Qi, who presents them with a new job: stealing a precious diamond from a Japanese tourist who has recently arrived in Hawaii. The diamond, which is rumored to be linked to Josuke’s Stand from Part 4, Crazy Diamond, is heavily guarded, but Meryl believes that Jodio and Dragona’s Stands, November Rain and Smooth Operators, respectively, give them the best chance of success.

As Jodio and Dragona prepare for the heist, readers get a glimpse into their unique abilities. Jodio’s Stand, November Rain, named after the Guns N’ Roses ballad, allows him to drop heavy bullets on his opponents. Meanwhile, Dragona’s Stand, Smooth Operators, a group of little robot-like creatures, can alter things like license plates and IDs to cover up their tracks.

JoJo Part 9 takes place in present-day Hawaii and includes references to pop star Dua Lipa and the COVID pandemic. While not much is known about the plot or characters beyond Jodio and Dragona, fans of the series are eagerly anticipating what comes next. JOJOlands is expected to be released monthly in Ultra Jump, with chapter two coming out next month.

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