This question aims to explore why a Sailor Moon episode was banned in America for over 30 years.

Sailor Moon, an iconic anime series that has captured the hearts of millions around the world, had a tumultuous journey to its American release. When it first aired in the US in 1995, the series was dubbed and produced by DiC Entertainment. However, the dub produced by DiC was heavily censored and edited, with missing sequences, episodes, and even an emotional two-part season finale that was merged to form one (arguably much less emotional) finale for American audiences. The dub also resulted in several whole episodes of the show being cut, leaving fans with no opportunity to watch them.

Despite this, the series became popular among American audiences, and more episodes were ordered to air on Cartoon Network’s Toonami. However, the uncut versions of the first two seasons weren’t available due to the extensive editing and complicated contracts for those seasons. Fans were still upset about this, even after uncut versions of the movies were released.

A couple of years later, DiC made a deal with ADV Films to release the edited Sailor Moon on DVD, which gave ADV access to masters of the original Japanese episodes that DiC had. ADV reached out to Toei and negotiated to release the first two seasons of Sailor Moon in an uncut format on DVD, but there was one hiccup in this plan: DiC had lost their tape of episode 67, and Toei refused to send them a new one as it would require a new license. The episode was missing from the uncut DVD release, leaving fans disappointed.

The licenses for Sailor Moon eventually expired, and the series went out of production in America for many years. However, after more than a decade, Viz Media acquired the North American rights to Sailor Moon and announced that they were bringing the entire series over, including the unreleased (in America) Sailor Stars. The announcement was met with excitement from fans who had been waiting for years to see the final season.

What’s more, episode 67, the most elusive episode of the entire series, was finally being dubbed and released. The episode had been banned in America for more than 30 years and had never received an official release until now. The story involves Chibi-Usa befriending a baby sea dinosaur and is not considered groundbreaking, but fans were still thrilled to finally see it after all these years.

In many ways, it’s funny that this episode became the center of such controversy and was so difficult to obtain for fans, considering how relatively unremarkable the story is. However, the episode’s absence from the American release of Sailor Moon became a topic of discussion and frustration among fans, and its eventual release was a triumph for those who had been waiting for so long.

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