Top 10 Powerful Weapons in InuYasha, Ranked

Here’s a list of the 10 best weapons in InuYasha, ranked by their strength:

  1. Tessaiga: InuYasha’s signature weapon, the Tessaiga, is an incredibly powerful sword forged from the fang of InuYasha’s demon father. It has the ability to slay countless demons and possesses various forms and abilities, making it the most formidable weapon in the series.
  2. Tenseiga: Sesshomaru’s weapon, the Tenseiga, is a sword passed down by their father. While not as destructive as the Tessaiga, it has the power to bring the dead back to life and protect the living. It also has healing abilities, making it a valuable weapon.
  3. Bakusaiga: Sesshomaru’s second weapon, the Bakusaiga, is a blade forged from Sesshomaru’s own fang. It has the ability to disintegrate anything it strikes, making it a deadly weapon against both demons and humans.
  4. Kongosoha: Bankotsu’s weapon, the Kongosoha, is a massive halberd with tremendous destructive power. It has the ability to release powerful energy blasts, making it a formidable weapon in battle.
  5. Meidou Zangetsuha: Bankotsu’s signature technique, the Meidou Zangetsuha, allows him to open a portal to the netherworld. It creates a black hole that can suck in enemies and objects, making it a deadly and versatile ability.
  6. Jakotsutou: Jakotsu, a member of the Shichinintai, wields the Jakotsutou, a blade with a chain attached to it. It is a flexible weapon that can extend and retract, allowing Jakotsu to strike from a distance and surprise his opponents.
  7. Kaze no Kizu: Koga, the leader of the Wolf Demon Tribe, possesses the Kaze no Kizu, a powerful attack that allows him to create a tornado with his claws. It is a devastating technique that can cause immense destruction.
  8. Kanna’s Mirror: Kanna, one of Naraku’s detachments, possesses a mirror that can reflect attacks and illusions. It is a versatile weapon that can be used defensively and offensively, making it a valuable asset in battle.
  9. Shikon Jewel: While not a weapon in the traditional sense, the Shikon Jewel is an immensely powerful artifact that grants its possessor immense power. It can enhance a demon’s abilities or grant a human great strength, but it is also sought after by many, leading to conflicts.
  10. Saimyosho: Naraku’s demonic insects, called Saimyosho, serve as both reconnaissance and attack units. They can gather information, deliver poison, and even fuse together to form a powerful barrier. Though small individually, their strength lies in their numbers and versatility.

These weapons play significant roles in the InuYasha series, each possessing unique abilities and contributing to the intense battles and conflicts throughout the story.

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