Top Voice Acting in DreamWorks Animation Films, Ranked

Shrek Forever After Eddie Murphy as Donkey, Mike Myers as Shrek, and Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots
  1. Eddie Murphy as Donkey in “Shrek” series (2001-2010) – Murphy’s energetic and comedic portrayal of the lovable sidekick Donkey adds layers of humor and heart to the iconic franchise.
  2. Mike Myers as Shrek in “Shrek” series (2001-2010) – Myers’ Scottish-accented performance brings depth and warmth to the grumpy yet endearing ogre, making Shrek one of the most beloved animated characters of all time.
  3. Ellen DeGeneres as Dory in “Finding Nemo” (2003) and “Finding Dory” (2016) – DeGeneres’ heartfelt and unforgettable performance as the forgetful yet optimistic fish Dory captivates audiences and contributes to the emotional resonance of both films.
  4. Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots in “Shrek” series (2004-2010) and “Puss in Boots” (2011) – Banderas’ suave and charismatic portrayal of the swashbuckling feline adds charm and humor to the Shrek universe, earning him praise from audiences and critics alike.
  5. Ben Stiller as Alex the Lion in “Madagascar” series (2005-2012) – Stiller’s confident and charismatic voice brings the ambitious yet endearing lion Alex to life, making him a standout character in the Madagascar franchise.
  6. Justin Timberlake as Branch in “Trolls” series (2016-present) – Timberlake’s soulful and dynamic performance as the pessimistic yet lovable troll Branch adds depth and emotion to the vibrant world of Trolls, earning him acclaim from both fans and critics.
  7. Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona in “Shrek” series (2001-2010) – Diaz’s spirited and feisty portrayal of Princess Fiona complements Myers’ Shrek perfectly, creating a memorable and iconic animated duo.
  8. Jack Black as Po in “Kung Fu Panda” series (2008-2016) – Black’s enthusiastic and heartfelt performance as the clumsy yet determined panda Po resonates with audiences of all ages, making him a beloved protagonist in the Kung Fu Panda franchise.
  9. Will Smith as Oscar in “Shark Tale” (2004) – Smith’s charismatic and animated performance as the ambitious fish Oscar brings humor and energy to the underwater world of Shark Tale, making his character memorable and entertaining.
  10. Jay Baruchel as Hiccup in “How to Train Your Dragon” series (2010-2019) – Baruchel’s sincere and relatable portrayal of the young Viking Hiccup captures the character’s journey of self-discovery and growth, earning him praise for his emotional depth and authenticity.
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