Two inverse universes

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In reality, where Alice resides, everything must be the standard, regardless of whether individuals like it. From hairdos, and outfits, to moves, all should observe the guidelines. Indeed, even what was in store hitched life isn’t so much for you to choose. In that world, visionaries would be called insane.

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In the meantime, Wonderland is an underground world with colors, creepy scenes, and insane things just in dreams. Alice feels that the world is only her fantasy and not genuine. That Underland world has white hair in a vest, there is a cake and drink that can be changed to human size, there is a feline that floats and stows away, there is a blue caterpillar, there is a major-headed sovereign, there’s a multitude of cards… However, in that insane spot, Alice can relax and wear agreeable, custom-made dresses. There, individuals can move extraordinary moves like no other. Also, in that world, what they do is their own decision; Like the White, Sovereign shared with Alice: “You shouldn’t only live for other people, it depends on you to pick”.

The two universes, this present reality, and Wonderland are, all things considered, two entirely different universes. A world is “genuine”, a world is just in the creative mind. A “typical” world and an “insane” world…

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Disney Alice In Wonderland Vintage T Shirt, Alice Meme T Shirt, Weed Is Bad Shirt
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