Underrated Soul Eater Characters Who Need a Better Storyline

Here’s a list of 10 characters from Soul Eater who deserve a better storyline:

  1. Black☆Star – As one of the main characters of the series, Black☆Star deserved more development beyond just being a loud and confident ninja. He had moments of vulnerability and depth, but they were often overshadowed by his over-the-top antics.
  2. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa – Tsubaki is a skilled weapon and Black☆Star’s partner, but she often felt like a background character rather than a fully fleshed-out one. She could have benefited from more exploration of her past and her own motivations.
  3. Patty and Liz Thompson – The Thompson sisters were entertaining characters, but they were often relegated to comic relief and didn’t get much in the way of character development. A deeper dive into their past or their relationship with Death the Kid could have been interesting.
  4. Maka Albarn – Maka was one of the main characters, but her storyline often revolved around her desire to become a better meister and her complicated relationship with her weapon, Soul. While these are important aspects of her character, more exploration of her past or her personal struggles could have made her more well-rounded.
  5. Soul Evans – As Maka’s weapon and partner, Soul had some interesting moments of his own, but his character felt somewhat one-dimensional at times. He could have benefited from more exploration of his own goals and motivations beyond just helping Maka.
  6. Death the Kid – As the son of Death and a powerful meister in his own right, Death the Kid had a lot of potential for a compelling storyline. However, he often fell into the trap of being too obsessed with symmetry, which could have been explored in a more nuanced way.
  7. Crona – Crona was a fascinating and complex character, but their storyline was often overshadowed by their relationship with their abusive mother, Medusa. More exploration of Crona’s own motivations and struggles beyond their traumatic upbringing would have been welcome.
  8. Medusa – Speaking of Medusa, she was a compelling villain but could have benefited from more exploration of her own past and motivations. What led her to become so power-hungry and manipulative?
  9. Dr. Stein – Dr. Stein was a fascinating character with a dark past and a complex relationship with his own madness. However, his storyline often revolved around his role as a teacher rather than his own personal struggles.
  10. Eruka Frog – Eruka Frog was an interesting character with a unique design, but she often felt like a background character rather than a fully fleshed-out one. More exploration of her past or her motivations could have made her more memorable.

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