Universal schedules ‘The Wild Robot’ by DreamWorks for a September release

The Wild Robot

DreamWorks Animation is gearing up to bring the beloved 2016 children’s book, “The Wild Robot,” to the big screen, as announced by Universal Pictures. The film adaptation, set to release on September 20, 2024, will be directed by Chris Sanders, a seasoned filmmaker celebrated for his work on animated classics like “Lilo & Stitch” and “How to Train Your Dragon.” Jeff Hermann will take on the role of producer, contributing his expertise to the project.

The heartwarming narrative of “The Wild Robot,” penned by Peter Brown, revolves around a resilient robot named ROZZUM, affectionately known as “Roz.” Stranded on an island due to a shipwreck, Roz must navigate the harsh surroundings and forge connections with the island’s diverse animal inhabitants. The story takes an endearing turn as Roz becomes the adoptive parent of an orphaned gosling, showcasing themes of adaptation, survival, and the transformative power of relationships.

Peter Brown’s original work received critical acclaim, earning a prestigious Caldecott Honor in 2016 and claiming the top spot on the esteemed New York Times Bestsellers List. The success of the book has led to the creation of two sequel novels, “The Wild Robot Escapes” and “The Wild Robot Protects,” further expanding the captivating universe introduced in the initial installment.

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“The Wild Robot” joins an exciting September release slate, sharing the month with anticipated titles such as Paramount’s animated film “Transformers One,” Warner Bros.’ “Beetlejuice 2,” and Lionsgate’s “Saw XI.” Notably, Universal is set to double down on DreamWorks Animation offerings in the coming months, with the release of “Kung Fu Panda 4” scheduled for March 8.

As the cinematic adaptation of “The Wild Robot” unfolds, audiences can expect a visual spectacle and emotional journey, blending the magic of DreamWorks Animation with the timeless storytelling that made Peter Brown’s book a cherished favorite among readers. With Chris Sanders at the helm and a talented team bringing the characters to life, the film promises to capture the hearts of both new and existing fans, immersing them in a world where the bonds between a robot and the island’s inhabitants weave a tale of resilience, friendship, and unexpected family ties.

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