Voice Actors for Shadow Galactica Revealed in Sailor Moon Cosmos

Sailor Moon Cosmos Shadow Galactica voice actors

We now have the exciting revelation of the entire cast of voice actors who will bring the formidable Shadow Galactica to life in the highly anticipated Sailor Moon Cosmos movies. As a quick reminder, Shadow Galactica stands as the primary antagonistic force throughout the Stars arc. This announcement unveils a total of nine talented voice actors who will join the esteemed ranks of veteran performers, including Marina Inoue and Saori Hayami. With great anticipation, let’s delve into the new additions to the Sailor Moon Cosmos voice cast and get to know the individuals behind these captivating characters.

First up is Ayumu Murase, known for his portrayal of Venti in the popular game Genshin Impact. Murase takes on the role of Sailor Aluminum Siren, a member of Shadow Galactica with a mesmerizing presence. Next, we have Fumie Mizusawa, recognized for her captivating performance as Ayako Mitsuzuri in Fate/stay Night, who breathes life into the enigmatic Sailor Chi. Haruka Kudo, renowned for her role as Hagumi Hanamoto in Honey and Clover, embraces the character of Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon, infusing her with a distinctive flair.

Stepping into the world of Sailor Moon Cosmos is Sena Koizumi, making her first major anime role as Sailor Iron Mouse, a character who promises to add depth and intrigue to the story. Shiori Mikami, noted for her portrayal of Melissabelle in Granblue Fantasy, lends her voice to Sailor Lethe, adding a captivating allure to this Shadow Galactica member. Kanae Ito, known for her portrayal of Crestia Bell/Suzuno Kamazuki in The Devil is a Part-Timer, takes on the role of Sailor Mnemosyne, bringing forth a blend of strength and vulnerability.

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Yuka Komatsu, recognized for her charismatic portrayal of Scanty in Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, breathes life into the captivating character of Sailor Phi, infusing her with a delightful combination of charm and unpredictability. Yoko Hikasa, noted for her outstanding performance as Madam M in Final Fantasy VII Remake, takes on the role of Sailor Red Crow, promising to bring a captivating presence to this compelling character. Finally, Mariya Ise, famous for her portrayal of Killua in Hunter x Hunter 2011, steps into the role of Sailor Tin Nyanko, infusing her with a mesmerizing blend of intensity and complexity.

Each of these characters, with the common prefix “Sailor” in their titles, adds a distinct layer of depth and complexity to the narrative of Sailor Moon Cosmos. Their introduction to the animated world of Sailor Moon holds great significance, particularly for fans of the original series who will witness the animated debut of characters such as Sailors Phi and Chi, who did not appear in the 90s anime adaptation. This fresh cast of voice actors is poised to breathe new life into these iconic characters and deliver compelling performances that will captivate audiences.

With Part 1 of Sailor Moon Cosmos scheduled to debut on June 9, 2023, followed by the release of Part 2 on June 30, 2023, fans around the world eagerly await the arrival of these highly anticipated movies. The convergence of the established Sailor Moon universe and the talent of these remarkable voice actors promises to deliver a cinematic experience that will both honor the beloved franchise and introduce exciting new elements to its enduring legacy.

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