Walt, Jesse, or Saul: Ranking the Breaking Bad Universe Endings

“In the Breaking Bad Universe, Whose Ending Was the Best: Walt, Jesse, or Saul?”

The Breaking Bad universe revolves around three main characters: Walter White (Walt), Jesse Pinkman, and Saul Goodman. Each of them had distinct and compelling endings that left fans debating which one was the best.

Walt’s journey, the central character in Breaking Bad, came to a dramatic conclusion in the final episode, “Felina.” After transforming from a timid chemistry teacher to a ruthless drug kingpin, Walt goes into hiding to avoid arrest. He returns to Albuquerque to make amends, ultimately dying contentedly in a meth lab.

Jesse’s story continues in “El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie,” immediately after his release from captivity. The film shows Jesse’s efforts to evade the police and start a new life in Alaska, giving him a rare happy ending.

Saul Goodman’s fate is explored in “Better Call Saul.” After using the Disappearer to escape post-Breaking Bad, he’s eventually arrested. Saul reduces his sentence to seven years and takes responsibility for his actions, even reverting to his birth name, Jimmy McGill, before spending his life in prison.

Each ending is fitting for the character’s journey. Walt’s death reflects his moral downfall, Jesse’s escape provides a heartwarming conclusion, and Saul’s prison sentence balances his moral ambiguity.

While Walt’s ending is thrilling, Jesse and Saul’s endings are more emotional. Ultimately, Saul Goodman’s ending stands out as the best, as his morally gray character provides a compelling and thought-provoking conclusion. His speech about Walt’s dependence on him adds depth to Breaking Bad’s story and validates the context given to his lawyer career in Better Call Saul, making it the most satisfying ending in the Breaking Bad universe.

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