What was the role of the Dwarves in The Lord of the Rings?

The Dwarven armies remained conspicuously absent throughout The Lord of the Rings, raising questions about their role in the grand tapestry of Middle-earth during the War of the Ring. Often perceived as a race driven by greed and self-interest, Dwarves were seemingly indifferent to the imminent threat of the Dark Lord Sauron. However, the truth is far more nuanced than the initial assumption.

In The Fellowship of the Ring, Elrond’s words perpetuate the common perception that Dwarves, with their penchant for accumulating wealth, cared little for the struggles of others. While this characterization may contain a kernel of truth, it does a disservice to the Dwarves, who were embroiled in a significant battle during the War of the Ring. This pivotal moment in Dwarven history sheds light on their crucial contributions, even if their involvement is less pronounced in the main narrative.

Delving into the extensive history of Dwarven warfare in Middle-earth adds layers to their narrative. The Dwarves, crafted by Aulë, were the first sentient beings to emerge in Middle-earth, predating the Elves. Despite their shared origin as the Children of Ilúvatar, Elves and Dwarves harbored deep-seated rivalries, marked by skirmishes and conflicts across the ages. The Nírnaeth Aronoediad and the First Battle of Beleriand during the First Age showcased the Dwarves’ martial prowess, but their notorious greed also led to catastrophic events, such as the fall of Doriath.

While the Dwarves’ participation in the Last Alliance of Elves and Men demonstrated their commitment to eradicating Sauron’s influence, their subsequent reluctance to join the War of the Ring puzzled many fans. The Battle of Five Armies, as depicted in The Hobbit trilogy, was the last significant conflict the Dwarves engaged in before the War of the Ring. Afterward, a period of relative peace ensued, until Sauron began amassing his forces.

The turning point for the Dwarves occurred when Sauron, angered by their refusal to align with him, dispatched legions of Easterlings to attack their kingdoms. The ensuing battle saw the Easterlings, descendants of Morgoth’s servants, overwhelming the region with a formidable army of over 200,000 troops. For three intense days, the Dwarves valiantly defended Erebor, their great city, against the relentless onslaught.

The victory of the Dwarves was twofold: not only did they successfully repel the Easterlings, but their resilience also distracted Sauron from more critical fronts. This diversion played a pivotal role in Aragorn’s daring move at the Black Gate and allowed Frodo to infiltrate Mount Doom undetected. Despite this triumph, the threat from the Easterlings persisted, with King Elessar later contending with periodic attacks from their armies.

In essence, the absence of Dwarves in the forefront of The Lord of the Rings narrative belies their critical contributions to the War of the Ring. Their steadfast defense of Erebor thwarted a significant portion of Sauron’s forces, proving that Dwarven valor and stubbornness played a crucial role in the ultimate defeat of the Dark Lord. The rich tapestry of Middle-earth is thus enriched by exploring the untold stories of races beyond the primary focus of the trilogy.

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