What’s in Store for ‘Inside Out 2’

Inside Out

Inside Out,” released in 2015, stands as one of Pixar’s recent masterpieces. This Academy Award-winning film, recognized as Best Animated Feature, marked a significant success for Pixar, especially considering its performance compared to more recent Disney Pixar productions. So impactful was the movie that Disney California Adventure Park in California introduced the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind attraction, further showcasing the film’s enduring popularity.

Such resounding success has prompted Walt Disney Studios to announce a sequel, though ongoing strikes in Hollywood cast doubts on its original release date of June 14, 2024, in theaters. Here’s what we currently know and anticipate regarding this exciting follow-up.

The Returning Cast: Amy Poehler will reprise her role as Joy, the central emotion/character from the original movie. The cast also includes Phyllis Smith as Sadness, Lewis Black as Anger, and Diane Lane as Jillian, Riley’s mother. However, there’s no official word on whether Kaitlyn Dias, the voice of Riley in the 2015 film, will return for the sequel.

inside Out

Notable Absences: Regrettably, Mindy Kaling won’t return as Disgust, and Bill Hader won’t reprise his role as Fear. Rumors suggest contract-related issues, with Amy Poehler reportedly receiving a significantly higher payment compared to the rest of the cast. Furthermore, new characters and emotions are expected to make their debut, considering the story will revolve around a teenage version of Riley. Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer, Pete Docter, hinted that the sequel might introduce up to 27 new emotions, promising depth and meaning in the storyline.

Additional Insights: As of now, there is no trailer for the forthcoming sequel, and its release might be postponed due to ongoing industry strikes. Kelsey Mann, known for his work on “The Good Dinosaur” (2015), “Onward” (2020), and “Lightyear” (2022), though not in a directorial role, will helm the movie. The script for “Inside Out 2 (2024)” will be penned by Meg LeFauve, who co-wrote the original film. However, the ongoing writer’s strike could potentially alter the writing arrangements and credits.

As we eagerly await the conclusion of the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes in Hollywood, Disney enthusiasts can hold out hope that “Inside Out 2 (2024)” will deliver some of the finest Disney and Pixar Animation in recent memory!

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