What’s in Store for Onward Sequel

Pixar’s Onward, a heartwarming and fantastical adventure, revolves around the extraordinary journey of two elf brothers, Ian (voiced by Tom Holland) and Barley Lightfoot (voiced by Chris Pratt). In their quest to reunite with their late father, they embark on a spellbinding adventure filled with magical mishaps and emotional revelations. The film’s blend of contemporary storytelling within a traditional fantasy landscape captivated both audiences and critics alike, leaving many curious about the possibility of Onward 2.

In recent years, Pixar, celebrated for its groundbreaking animation and innovative storytelling, has occasionally ventured into sequel territory, with successful follow-ups to Toy Story, Incredibles, and Finding Nemo. Fans of Onward may understandably wonder if the studio will continue the Lightfoot brothers’ journey.

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that as of now, Onward 2 hasn’t received official confirmation. Pixar’s creative direction has been leaning toward original content, and the studio has expressed a desire to focus on fresh, unique narratives. The decision to produce Onward 2 is likely to depend on the success and demand for a sequel, much like the exceptional popularity of Frozen paved the way for Frozen 2.

If an Onward sequel becomes a reality, Pixar’s track record suggests that fans should be prepared for a patient waiting period. Pixar takes its time to craft sequels, with years, and often over a decade, passing between the release of the original film and its follow-up. Such was the case with Toy Story and The Incredibles, which saw substantial gaps before their respective sequels.

Concerning the potential storyline for Onward 2, the richly layered world introduced in the first film offers a myriad of possibilities. The universe is teeming with fantasy staples, from mischievous mermaids to peculiar gnomes, that were only briefly glimpsed in the initial installment. Expanding on these captivating elements could provide an engaging backdrop for a sequel’s narrative.

Moreover, exploring how Ian Lightfoot adapts to his newfound magical powers over an extended period presents intriguing storytelling prospects. The film could delve into the consequences of wielding such abilities, with Ian either becoming excessively obsessed or possibly growing weary of the enchanting world he inhabits.

In the end, while Onward 2 remains uncertain at this point, Pixar has a track record of delivering compelling sequels that respect their source material and captivate both new and returning audiences. So, fans of Onward have every reason to hope for another enchanting journey in the future.

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