What’s Next for Marvel?

Marvel faces challenges as TV show viewership declines, The Marvels’ box office performance disappoints, and uncertainties loom over upcoming film releases. Adding to the complexity, actor Jonathan Majors, who portrayed Kang the Conqueror, is dropped from the franchise following assault charges. This development prompts considerations for Marvel’s next steps:

  1. Maintain the Multiverse Path: Marvel may opt to continue its multiverse narrative, considering its centrality in the MCU’s recent phases. This approach offers flexibility for recasting Kang and sustaining the established lore, even if it requires addressing the change discreetly.
  2. Shift Focus from Kang: Alternatively, Marvel could keep the multiverse concept but transition away from Kang. With limited impactful portrayals of Kang in the MCU, the studio might explore other villains, possibly introducing Doctor Doom as a primary antagonist to maintain the multiverse theme.
  3. Gradual Transition from Kang: Marvel might gradually sideline Kang, introducing a new villain who surpasses him in threat level. This could involve building towards Doctor Doom’s ascendancy, leading to epic showdowns and potentially setting the stage for Avengers: The Doom Dynasty.
  4. Abandon the Multiverse: Opting for a clean break, Marvel could abandon the multiverse concept. By focusing on streamlined narratives and characters rather than timelines, the studio could explore compelling stories from comic continuity, such as introducing Galactus or adapting events like House of M.

In essence, Marvel faces critical decisions in navigating its narrative direction, addressing the absence of Kang, and shaping the future of the MCU. The chosen path will significantly influence the storytelling landscape and audience engagement.

Jonathan Majors: Marvel drops actor after domestic assault conviction - BBC  News

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