Who was the oldest Avatar in Avatar: The Last Airbender?

The life of an Avatar is never easy. The position comes with immense responsibilities, and the constant danger they face puts their lives at risk. Due to this, the lifespan of an Avatar is often cut short, and many have died at a young age. However, one Avatar managed to live a long and interesting life, becoming not only the oldest Avatar to ever live but also one of the oldest humans – Avatar Kyoshi.

Most of the known Avatars from both “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “The Legend of Korra” died before they reached old age. The most common age for their deaths seems to be somewhere in middle age, with Roku being one of the few known Avatars to have lived into his seventies. Aang also managed to live a longer life than some of the previous Avatars, despite being trapped in an iceberg that shortened his lifespan.

For many Avatars, such as Wan and Yangchen, the exact age of their death is not known, but it is widely believed that they died in middle age. Given the stress and danger that comes with being an Avatar, it’s not surprising that many of them were not able to live their lives as fully as others. The average lifespan of non-Avatar citizens in the Avatar world seems to be similar to that in real life, with most people living into their eighties or nineties. Some, like King Bumi of Omashu, lived well into their hundreds.

Avatar Kyoshi, however, lived a significantly longer life than any other Avatar or person, reaching the age of 230 before her death. Fans have been curious about how she was able to live for so long, and the answer lies in immortality. After discovering she was the Avatar, Kyoshi joined a group of criminals called the Flying Opera Company, whose leader, Lao Ge, taught her the secret to immortality as well as the skills required for assassination.

Lao Ge believed that the aging process was the body falling out of order as it began to break down. By repairing the damage through a specific type of concentrated meditation, a person could restore their body and live longer. Essentially, they could stop the process of aging through pure mental force and retain a youthful appearance through all their years, until they either stopped the process or were killed by other means. This method was how Kyoshi lived to be over 200 years old.

Despite having the secret to eternal life, Kyoshi eventually gave it up and allowed her body to age naturally once again. This decision may have been due to the fact that she watched all of her closest friends and family, including her daughter Koko, age and pass on without her. It’s possible that she got tired of this cycle and wanted to join them, deciding that her purpose had been served and she had lived for long enough already.

In conclusion, the lifespan of an Avatar is often cut short due to the danger they face. However, Avatar Kyoshi managed to live an incredibly long and interesting life due to the secret of immortality that was taught to her by Lao Ge. Despite having the ability to live forever, Kyoshi eventually gave up her immortality and passed away peacefully. Her story continues to captivate fans of the Avatar universe, and her legacy lives on as one of the most iconic and fascinating Avatars of all time.

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