Why Aang Learned He Was the Avatar Four Years Ahead of Time

“Why Aang Learned He Was the Avatar Four Years Ahead of Schedule”

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang is informed by the air temple monks about his status as the Avatar at the age of 12, which is approximately four years earlier than the customary tradition. The show explains that the Avatar is a cyclical being, reincarnated within individuals from the four nations. Aang was destined to be the Avatar of the Air Nomads, but his discovery is disrupted when he becomes trapped in an iceberg for a hundred years, ultimately saving him from the Fire Nation’s eradication of the airbenders.

Due to the ongoing war and the disruption of traditional Avatar training, the series does not delve deeply into the typical early years of an Avatar’s training. The Legend of Korra briefly shows Korra displaying remarkable bending abilities from a young age, offering minimal insight into the training process. Flashbacks from Aang’s childhood reveal that the monks knew his identity since infancy and chose to deviate from tradition by informing him before his 16th birthday.

The monks’ decision to inform Aang early is not explicitly explained, but it likely relates to the escalating conflict with the Fire Nation. The death of Avatar Roku, which marked Aang’s birth as the new Avatar, was orchestrated by Fire Lord Sozin as part of his plan to conquer the world. With a world lacking a fully realized Avatar to maintain peace, Sozin began expanding his empire, making the airbenders a probable target. Unfortunately, their concerns proved valid, and even if Aang had been present during the attack, he likely would have been unable to save them.

The usual practice of informing an Avatar at the age of 16 stems from the understanding that children are not prepared to bear the responsibility of being the Avatar. Aang’s impulsive decision to run away after learning his identity demonstrates the potential dangers associated with a child possessing immense power. His friends’ reaction to his powers leads to his isolation, leaving a heavy burden on his young shoulders. Waiting until the age of 16 reduces the likelihood of an Avatar acting out inappropriately due to immaturity. The formative years spent living as an ordinary citizen of the nations are crucial for an Avatar, as they learn compassion and gain a deeper understanding of human life, which is essential to their role as protectors.

Aang’s early revelation as the Air Nomads’ Avatar was unconventional and placed him in danger when he chose to flee from his destiny. Fortunately, his reaction to the news ultimately saves him from the Fire Nation and allows him to re-emerge in the world generations later. While the outcome is positive, Aang would have been better prepared for his training if the events in Avatar: The Last Airbender had allowed an additional four years for him to adjust to his new role.

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