X-Men Fan Theory Suggests Disturbing Explanation for Mutants’ Absence in MCU

A theory surrounding the absence of X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) proposes that mutants have always been present, with Professor X concealing them using his telepathic abilities.

While X-Men and Avengers coexist in Marvel Comics, the mutants have been notably absent from the MCU. The theory suggests that Professor X hid mutants due to the emergence of horrific events tied to their presence. A Reddit user, Acceptable Quail 357, introduced the idea that Professor X concealed mutants as a response to the rising threat and crimes against them. However, some fans expressed skepticism, questioning why powerful mutants like Magneto would agree to remain hidden.

The theory explores mutant extinction events and highlights significant characters tied to mutant crimes. Notably, Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, a mutant, featured in Avengers movies and her own series, WandaVision. The theory suggests that Marvel Studios, lacking ownership of X-Men, classified Ms. Marvel as an Inhuman in The Marvels, reflecting a historical context where X-Men were not under Marvel’s umbrella.

With Marvel Studios now owning both Avengers and X-Men, fans anticipate a crossover, especially with the upcoming Secret Wars. An X-Men MCU reboot is in progress, but not all characters from the original films may reappear. Magneto is rumored to be replaced by Mister Sinister, and the integration of mutants and superheroes could lead to a long-awaited cinematic reunion.

As Marvel Studios continues to expand its universe, fans may soon witness the integration of mutants into the MCU. The X-Men films are currently accessible on Disney Plus.

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