10 Truths About Rewatching Sailor Moon

  1. Outdated Animation: One harsh reality of rewatching Sailor Moon is the noticeable difference in animation quality compared to modern anime. The series originally aired in the 1990s, and the animation techniques and visual effects may not meet today’s standards.
  2. Pacing Issues: Rewatching Sailor Moon can reveal pacing issues, especially in certain arcs or episodes where the story feels slow or repetitive. Some episodes might have unnecessary filler content, which can test the patience of viewers.
  3. Character Development: While Sailor Moon has beloved characters, rewatching the series might highlight limited character development for some of the supporting cast. Characters who initially appeared promising may receive less attention and growth as the focus remains on the main characters.
  4. Clichéd Plot Elements: Sailor Moon follows common tropes found in magical girl anime, and rewatching the series might make these clichéd plot elements more apparent. Predictable storylines and familiar character arcs can diminish the sense of surprise or novelty.
  5. Inconsistent Power Scaling: Rewatching Sailor Moon can reveal inconsistencies in power scaling. Some battles may lack clear rules or logical progression, leading to situations where characters suddenly gain or lose power without sufficient explanation.
  6. Lack of Diversity: Sailor Moon has been criticized for its limited diversity in terms of body types, ethnicities, and LGBTQ+ representation. Rewatching the series might highlight these shortcomings and the missed opportunities for more inclusive storytelling.
  7. Cultural Stereotypes: Sailor Moon, despite its popularity, has faced criticism for perpetuating certain cultural stereotypes, particularly in its portrayal of non-Japanese characters or cultural references. These stereotypes can become more apparent upon rewatching the series.
  8. Gender Roles: The series adheres to traditional gender roles, with female characters often depicted as fragile and in need of rescue. Rewatching Sailor Moon may highlight these outdated gender dynamics, which can be frustrating for viewers seeking more progressive portrayals.
  9. Filler Episodes: Rewatching Sailor Moon can remind viewers of the abundance of filler episodes scattered throughout the series. These episodes contribute little to the main plot and can feel like a detour from the overall narrative, testing the patience of dedicated fans.
  10. Incomplete Storylines: Lastly, rewatching Sailor Moon can serve as a reminder of the unfinished or unresolved storylines within the series. Some plot points are left unexplored or underdeveloped, leading to a sense of dissatisfaction for viewers seeking closure.

While Sailor Moon holds a special place in the hearts of many fans, revisiting the series can expose these harsh realities. However, it’s important to remember that these aspects are often a product of the time in which the series was created and can be viewed with understanding and appreciation for its historical significance in the magical girl genre.

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