Divisive Tokyo Ghoul moment returns in creator’s new series

In Choujin X chapter 34.4, Sui Ishida, the mangaka known for Tokyo Ghoul, revisits a pivotal moment that he originally created in the Tokyo Ghoul manga and later rewrote in the second season of the anime, Tokyo Ghoul √A.

This new series, Choujin X, mirrors the controversial decisions made by Ken Kaneki in both the Tokyo Ghoul manga and Ishida’s original story for Tokyo Ghoul √A. In chapter 34.4, the protagonist Tokio discloses to his teammates his contemplation of leaving Yamato Mori, an organization dedicated to nurturing benevolent Choujin. This revelation follows Yamato Mori’s victory over one of their significant adversaries. While this moment is sure to leave fans with questions, it bears an eerie resemblance to a similar decision made by Ken Kaneki in the Tokyo Ghoul storyline.

In the Tokyo Ghoul universe, Ken Kaneki also chooses to depart from his equivalent of Yamato Mori, known as Anteiku, a peaceful sanctuary that aids ghouls in need, after enduring torture at the hands of the extremist ghoul organization, Aogiri Tree. Initially, Ishida depicted Kaneki as forming his own special group of loyal followers, allowing him more freedom to seek the answers he desperately sought. However, in Tokyo Ghoul √A, Ishida reimagined Kaneki’s departure, introducing various changes to the original manga. In √A, Kaneki actually joins the very group that caused him such anguish, creating the impression that his traumatic experiences had warped his mind to the point where he willingly aligned himself with his tormentors. However, it is important to note that Kaneki remained vehemently opposed to Aogiri Tree.

While √A’s shocking alteration may have introduced a stronger thematic element, particularly when compared to Kaneki eventually joining another antagonistic organization in Tokyo Ghoul:re, the character Tokio in Choujin X now finds himself at a similar crossroads as both iterations of Kaneki did. Although Tokio does not experience the same traumatic torture as Kaneki, the circumstances surrounding the event in question ingeniously reimagine Kaneki’s capture in Tokyo Ghoul. However, since Choujin X has not been adapted yet, Ishida can only have Tokio leave his own “Anteiku” once, unless the character later returns and departs again. The remaining question is why Tokio would desire to leave.

Choujin X provides Tokio with a more compelling reason for departure compared to Ken Kaneki. The life-altering event in Choujin X arises from the terrifying Choujin known as “The Mother,” who foresees that a Beast Choujin imbued with her powers would possess the ability to avert an impending calamity she also prophesies. As a Beast Choujin, Tokio becomes the likely savior in this scenario. Interestingly, Tokio might have been swayed to heed The Mother’s call if not for his comrade, Ely, discovering that The Mother had previously killed other Choujins whom she believed to be potential saviors. Could Tokio’s departure be driven by a desire to reunite with The Mother? However, another variable enters the equation. Tokio has a vision suggesting that he will be the one to bring about the destruction of Yamato Mori. This revelation likely dissuades Tokio from independently aligning with The Mother, as revealed by Ely. Consequently, it is highly probable that Tokio’s decision to leave stems from his perception of himself as a threat to Choujin X’s version of Tokyo Ghoul’s Anteiku, and he hopes to seclude himself to protect everyone. While there are already notable differences between Kaneki and Tokio’s decisions to leave, Tokio’s departure feels much more selfless compared to Kaneki’s actions in the manga and Tokyo Ghoul √A.

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