Barbie’s America Ferrera joins Marvel’s What If…? series

America Ferrera, renowned for her performance in Barbie, is set to make her Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) debut in the upcoming third season of What If…? The revelation came with a sneak peek offering a glimpse into an episode that features established MCU characters such as Red Guardian (played by David Harbour), Bucky Barnes (portrayed by Sebastian Stan), and Bill Foster (enacted by Laurence Fishburne). Notably, the preview also introduced a new character named Ranger Morales, contributing to the expanding MCU universe.

Ranger Morales, voiced by America Ferrera, was showcased in the clip, and according to insights from Phase Zero, members of the What If…? creative team confirmed Ferrera’s involvement. The series’ head writer, A.C. Bradley, expressed enthusiasm about Ferrera’s casting, particularly emphasizing her appreciation for the actress’s work in Barbie. Bradley shared, “I’m so glad she is getting her flowers when it comes to Barbie because — I shouldn’t say this, but hey, I no longer work at Marvel — Barbie was my favorite movie of the year, my favorite superhero movie, because Barbie’s a hero. And, so is America. That was the best. So, we’re so happy that she was willing to come in and do this part in this random episode of What If…?. She was so lovely about it.”

America Ferrera’s role in Barbie has been highlighted as a significant milestone in her career. The accomplished actress has left an indelible mark with her performances in popular TV shows like Ugly Betty and Superstore, as well as in films such as The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Our Family Wedding, and Dumb Money. Furthermore, Ferrera has demonstrated her versatility in voiceover work, notably as the voice of Astrid in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. Additionally, she is set to lend her voice to Pixar’s upcoming space adventure film, Elio.

The news of Ferrera’s inclusion in What If…? coincides with a creative shakeup in the series. A.C. Bradley, who previously served as the head writer, revealed that the episode featuring Ranger Morales will be her final contribution to the show. Bradley has chosen to depart from the animated program to focus on other projects, leaving fans to wonder about the future direction of the series. While it remains unclear how many episodes will be featured in the new season beyond the teaser with Ranger Morales, Bradley’s remarks hint at the possibility of the character making a lasting impact, potentially becoming a fan favorite.

The premiere date for Season 3 of What If…? is yet to be announced, but viewers can catch up on the previous two seasons, available for streaming on Disney+. As anticipation builds for Ferrera’s MCU debut and the unfolding narrative in What If…?, the series continues to offer a unique exploration of alternate storylines within the Marvel multiverse.

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