Marvel’s ultimate god arrives to devour all reality in ‘The Crown Above All Things

Marvel’s forthcoming storyline unveils the arrival of a cosmic entity, recognized by various monikers like Enigma, Dominion, and The Crown Above All Things, signaling the impending consumption of the entire Marvel Universe.

Developed over the years by prominent X-Men creators such as Jonathan Hickman, Kieron Gillen, and Al Ewing, this formidable dark god, Enigma, also known as The Crown Above All Things, makes its long-anticipated descent onto the Marvel Universe. Initially introduced in House of X/Powers of X, the Dominion threat, integral to the Krakoan Era, is now unraveling as readers gain deeper insights into the true identity and nature of this cosmic entity.

The Dominion menace, explained in Hickman’s HOX/POX, initially seemed rooted in hyper-advanced machine life like Titans and Strongholds, coalescing into the cosmic entity known as Dominion, residing beyond the constraints of time and space due to the required data density transforming it into a black hole singularity.

However, subsequent revelations suggested that a singular biological entity could achieve Dominion status by accumulating sufficient universal information through various means. After the introduction of the four Nathaniel Essex Sinister clones, the expectation was that one of these clones would successfully attain Dominion.

In an unexpected twist disclosed in Immortal X-Men #18 by writer Kieron Gillen, it was unveiled that the purpose of the four Sinister clones was to ultimately fail in reaching Dominion. The clones, Sinister, Stasis, Orbis Stellaris, and Mother Righteous, were intended to collect extensive universal data from diverse sources, each attempting to reach Dominion and subsequently being terminated by the Dominion that had always existed.

Remarkably, Enigma emerges as the Dominion following Righteous’s unsuccessful attempt, completing the puzzle for King Sinister, the fifth—or possibly original—version of Nathaniel Essex. Enigma, now existing and having always existed, poses an unparalleled threat to the Marvel Universe, surpassing any adversaries faced in the past.

Defenders: Beyond writer Al Ewing initially introduced the concept of Enigma, connected to Dominion, confirming that both entities are one and the same. In Defenders: Beyond #2, it was shockingly revealed that the Beyonders employed Incursions to prevent the Enigma Dominion from annihilating the 7th Cosmos. With this strategy failing, the Beyonders introduced “Concordance Engines” to limit the Dominion’s threat to select realities, including Earth-616.

Notably, the entire Dominion concept remains complex, and it remains unclear whether the X-Office’s direction aligns with Hickman’s original plans. The hints dropped by the X-Men creative team over almost two years about Enigma and Dominion are now surfacing, unraveling a profound threat to reality itself. The impending conflict against the Enigma Dominion, also known as King Sinister, promises substantial and enduring consequences for the X-Men franchise and the broader Marvel Universe. This vast and powerful threat, revealed in Defenders: Beyond, surpasses even The One Above All, compelling the X-Men to unite, especially with the formidable Phoenix Force, to combat The Crown Above All Things before it engulfs Earth-616 and assimilates the consciousness of all living beings through its ominous ascension process.

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