Marvel’s Newest Hero, Inspired by a Forgotten Mythological Figure’s Universe-Saving Deeds: Is the Effort Worthwhile

Marvel’s foray into the cosmic realms expands with the introduction of a new hero in the pages of G.O.D.S. (Guardians of Dimensional Space), a series penned by Jonathan Hickman, illustrated by Valerio Schiti, and colored by Marte Gracia. The narrative takes a mythological turn, drawing inspiration from the Greek figure Cassandra, a priestess cursed to predict the future accurately but condemned to never be believed.

The cosmic tapestry of the Marvel Universe unravels in G.O.D.S. as abstract forces representing entities like Death, Eternity, and Infinity set in motion world-ending schemes. Amid this cosmic turmoil, a new character emerges with ties to real-world mythology, adding layers of depth to the Marvel narrative. This character, introduced in G.O.D.S. #3, is named Amelia Addison, who assumes the mantle of Cassandra. In Greek mythology, Cassandra’s gift of foresight is accompanied by the tragic fate of disbelief.

Amelia, like her mythological predecessor, grapples with the burden of precognition. G.O.D.S. #3 establishes a lineage of Marvel Cassandras, each gifted with the ability to foresee impending disasters. However, despite their efforts, the Cassandras face the curse of skepticism, a theme that resonates throughout the Marvel Universe. This installment of the series paints a poignant picture of Amelia haunted by the threat of Oblivion, an abstract entity embodying the very concept of oblivion itself.

As the forces of destruction rally in the Marvel Universe, representatives of the Natural-Order-of-Things (Science) and The-Powers-That-Be (Magic) unite to thwart the impending catastrophe. Among them is the newly-introduced Cassandra, Amelia, who is determined to take action against the encroaching destruction, even if her warnings fall on deaf ears.

The solicit for G.O.D.S. #4 poses a thought-provoking question: “If you save the universe and no one remembers, is it worth it? Maybe.” This hints at the potential resolution of the cosmic crisis by Amelia but raises the compelling issue of recognition. The series delves into the moral complexities of heroism, exploring the significance of acknowledgment and personal gratification in the pursuit of doing what is right.

Jonathan Hickman, known for his intricate storytelling, exhibits a clear fascination with precognitive characters, evident in his previous works such as S.H.I.E.L.D. and his exploration of Destiny in the X-Men series. Precognitive abilities tie into Hickman’s overarching theme of the inevitability of the end of the world in the Marvel Universe. The writer often explores the philosophical conundrum of predeterminism versus free will, a theme echoed in the predicaments faced by characters in G.O.D.S.

As G.O.D.S. unfolds, Amelia as Cassandra becomes a focal point for exploring these profound ideas. The narrative navigates the intricate dynamics of altering destiny, the challenges of being unheard, and the existential worth of challenging a predetermined future. Marvel fans can anticipate an engaging exploration of cosmic dilemmas, moral quandaries, and the enduring struggle against an impending end as G.O.D.S. continues its cosmic odyssey. G.O.D.S. #3 is currently available, with G.O.D.S. #4 slated for release on January 24.

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