BTS Insights Reveal Why Boo Is Pixar’s Cutest Character in Monsters, Inc

A BTS Detail from Monster’s Inc. Reveals Why Boo Is Pixar’s Cutest Character

A delightful behind-the-scenes tidbit from the making of the computer-animated film Monster’s Inc. only adds to the adoration of Boo, who is widely regarded as Pixar’s most endearing character. This beloved 2001 film featured a colorful cast of monsters, but it was Boo, the young child, who truly captured the hearts of both audiences and fans. Boo enters the story when James P. Sullivan (voiced by John Goodman) and his trusty companion Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal) from Monster’s Incorporated embark on a mission to return her safely to the human world. Boo had accidentally found her way into Monstropolis, narrowly escaping the clutches of the conniving Randall (voiced by Steve Buscemi) and the Child Detection Agency (CDA).

Throughout their adventure, Boo not only endears herself to Mike and Sully but also to viewers with her unwavering spirit, infectious giggles, and irresistibly cute monster disguise. She helps the two monsters realize that children aren’t a threat to Monstropolis, inspiring them to challenge the CDA and Monster’s Incorporated’s profit-driven approach to scaring kids. Boo’s charm transcends the boundaries of Monstropolis, extending into the broader Pixar universe. She has become a central figure in intricate fan theories and her sweet voice even made a surprising appearance in Pixar’s 2015 film Inside Out. Despite her petite stature, Boo has left an indelible impact. However, there’s a fascinating behind-the-scenes detail that cements Boo as the cutest character ever created by Pixar Animation Studios.

Boo’s Endearing Charm Is Thanks to a Real 2-Year-Old

Believe it or not, Boo’s character was voiced by Mary Gibbs, who was a mere two years old during the production of Monster’s Inc. She happened to be the daughter of one of Pixar’s own, the animator and director Rob Gibbs, which made her a crucial part of the film’s development. Yet, because of her tender age, recording her lines was no easy task. Little Mary couldn’t sit still in the recording booth, so the production team had to chase after her, much like the heartwarming scenes of Sully and Boo playfully racing around. Consequently, many of the moments captured in the recordings are entirely spontaneous, creating an organic and rarely seen quality on screen. It’s this aspect that firmly establishes Boo as arguably the cutest character ever brought to life by Pixar.

Boo’s Adorable Dialogue Was Improvised

Mary Gibbs’ contribution to Boo’s character becomes even more endearing when you discover that much of Boo’s dialogue in the film was improvised. Due to Mary’s constant motion and the need for the crew to keep up with her, a substantial portion of Boo’s lines consists of impromptu recordings capturing Mary playing and reacting to the team’s prompts and props. None of her lines were scripted or rehearsed, making Mary the perfect embodiment of the young Boo. Her heartfelt performance has become a cherished part of Pixar’s history.

Mary’s impact on the film was so significant that the production team included a subtle Easter egg in Monster’s Inc. that reveals Boo’s name to be the same as that of the young voice actress. Although the reveal is brief and discreet, it underscores the importance of Mary and Boo in the creation of the movie. While Monster’s Inc. holds a special place in Pixar’s animation legacy, there’s no denying that Boo stands as one of the studio’s most adorable creations ever.

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