Debunking the Unfounded ‘Toy Story’ Theory Regarding ‘Monsters, Inc

Addressing the Unfounded Theory Linking ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Monsters, Inc.’

Although on the surface, Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. may appear dissimilar, both are Pixar franchises that feature unlikely friendships and adventures. Despite their differing settings – one in a world of monsters and the other with living toys – some fans have concocted a theory that attempts to connect the two. This theory revolves around Pixar’s penchant for including Easter eggs in their films, which fans eagerly hunt for and use to establish connections between unrelated movies.

The theory suggests that Boo from Monsters, Inc. grows up to become Andy’s mom in Toy Story, a notion that would be intriguing if supported by substantial evidence. Unfortunately, the connection is tenuous at best, and it’s essential to understand that Pixar’s Easter eggs are primarily intended for fun and aren’t meant to establish a shared narrative universe.

Boo, the child from the human world in Monsters, Inc., remains enigmatic throughout the film. However, fans have seized on an Easter egg in Boo’s room – a doll resembling Jessie from Toy Story – as a clue that Boo might be the same person as Emily, Jessie’s original owner mentioned in Toy Story 2’s flashbacks. While Boo owning a Jessie doll is suggestive, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same Jessie doll. In the world of Toy Story, toys are mass-produced, so there could be multiple Jessie dolls.

The theory takes things further, suggesting that Boo (or Emily) could be Andy’s mom because both Andy and Emily wear red cowboy hats that resemble Jessie’s. However, this overlooks the fact that hats can be shared between generations, and the presence of a hat isn’t enough to establish a solid connection between characters. Additionally, Emily’s name is different from Boo’s, which poses another challenge to the theory.

Ultimately, the theory was debunked by Pete Docter, a key figure at Pixar who was involved in Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Monsters, Inc. Docter clarified that the filmmakers had created different backstories for each film’s characters and worlds, with no intention of connecting them. He acknowledged that the theory “breaks my head a little bit, to be honest.” While Pixar’s Easter eggs add fun and excitement for fans, they don’t always have a deeper meaning or establish connections between films. Sometimes, an Easter egg is just that – a playful reference that shouldn’t be taken as a significant narrative link. The idea that Boo is Andy’s mom remains a far-fetched theory, and fans can choose to believe it if they wish, but it’s important to recognize that it wasn’t the creators’ intention and shouldn’t be presented as fact.

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