Can Fox and DreamWorks Challenge Disney’s Animation?


During the summer of 2013, six animated or live-action/animated hybrid films were set to compete at the box office. This seemed like a healthy competition among major players, with 20th Century Fox releasing “Epic,” Pixar offering “Monsters University,” Universal presenting “Despicable Me 2,” Dreamworks launching “Turbo,” Sony releasing “The Smurfs 2,” and Disney bringing forth “Planes.”

However, the landscape shifted due to recent business dealings. Dreamworks Animation, previously under Paramount’s distribution, joined forces with 20th Century Fox in August 2012. This move not only granted Dreamworks access to Fox’s overseas box office prowess but also established a formidable alliance. Paramount, which had been a contender, found itself on the sidelines.

The partnership between Dreamworks and Fox created a new dynamic in the animation industry, setting them up as significant challengers to the long-standing dominance of Disney/Pixar. The shift highlighted a divide, with Disney/Pixar facing off against the united front of 20th Century Fox/Dreamworks, while other studios like Universal and Sony found themselves striving for recognition.

The collaboration brought together Dreamworks’ recognizable characters and potent franchises with Fox’s overseas market strength. As a result, they emerged as a powerful force in the animation landscape, posing a real threat to Disney/Pixar’s supremacy. Universal and Sony, despite their past successes, now appeared as contenders fighting for relevance against the two major players.

This shift marked a game-changer in American animation, transforming the competition from a multi-pronged battle to a clear division: Disney/Pixar vs. 20th Century Fox/Dreamworks vs. other studios vying for a place in the animated realm. The evolving dynamics promised an interesting trajectory for the animation industry in the coming years, as these alliances reshaped the landscape.

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