“The Boss Baby” surpasses $400 million, harking back to the era of DreamWorks and Pixar animation dominance

'The Boss Baby'

DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox’s film “The Boss Baby” has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing $400 million at the global box office. The movie, featuring Alec Baldwin, demonstrated remarkable resilience and maintained steady legs, starting with a $50 million debut five weeks ago. Notably, it continues to hold a surprisingly sturdy theater count, opening in 3,773 theaters and still playing on 3,739 screens more than a month later.

This accomplishment underscores DreamWorks Animation’s solid position in the animation landscape, marking a successful turnaround for the studio. It’s particularly noteworthy given the changing dynamics of the animation industry, where streaming services and altered movie-watching behaviors have reshaped the market.

DreamWorks Animation, once a major competitor to Pixar, went through a period of inconsistency before finding renewed success. The studio had its big streak from around 2004 (with “Shrek 2”) to 2012 (with “Madagascar 3”). During this time, DreamWorks Animation delivered critical and commercial hits such as “Madagascar” ($532 million worldwide), “Kung Fu Panda” ($631 million), and “How to Train Your Dragon” ($494 million).

THE BOSS BABY Clip - "Catch That Baby" (2017) - YouTube

The studio’s ability to maximize the potential of 3D animation and embrace diversity, hiring directors like Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Peter Ramsey, set it apart. DreamWorks Animation tackled social issues with films like “Monsters Vs Aliens,” presenting an upfront feminist adventure story.

However, the studio faced challenges in the 2013-2017 era, marked by a comparative downturn in quality and a change in distribution from Paramount to Fox. Yet, recent years have seen DreamWorks Animation making a relative comeback with successful releases like “Home,” “Trolls,” and now, “The Boss Baby.”

The animation landscape has undergone further changes, with Illumination establishing itself as a major player, and Walt Disney Animation making a triumphant return with hits like “Frozen,” “Zootopia,” and “Moana.” DreamWorks Animation’s recent success, particularly with “The Boss Baby,” positions it as a formidable contender outside the Disney/Pixar dominance.

The Boss Baby: just a corny kidflick – or a subtle political satire? | The Boss  Baby | The Guardian

As DreamWorks Animation looks toward the future, questions linger about its role in a changing marketplace, especially as it becomes part of the Comcast Corp. empire. The studio’s commitment to theatrical releases and its ability to produce big-budget animated fare, as seen in “The Boss Baby,” suggest a potential resurgence that challenges the status quo in the animation industry. Whether DreamWorks Animation can maintain this momentum and offer unique alternatives to Disney/Pixar remains to be seen.

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