Dark Continent in Hunter X Hunter: Explained

In the world of Hunter X Hunter, the Dark Continent was a highly anticipated addition to an already fantastic series. Yosihiro Tagashi, the creator, amazed everyone with this new expansion that took the series to new heights. The Dark Continent introduced a level of power that was unmatched, along with vast, unexplored land and a wealth of history, including that of the Freecss family. Tagashi’s world-building skills were once again showcased, offering fans an incredible future to look forward to in the story.

Unfortunately, the anime adaptation of Hunter X Hunter has yet to make a comeback, and the manga is currently on hiatus. As a result, it is difficult to predict when the story will come to an end. Some even wonder whether Gon and Killua will remain relevant or if they need a significant time-skip to match the current power level. However, one thing is certain: the Dark Continent aims to be the best story so far.

Before the main characters embark on their adventure to the Dark Continent, many others attempted to explore this mysterious part of the world. Ging, one of the characters in the series, revealed that numerous trips had already been made, including some by well-known characters like Chairman Netero. Let’s take a closer look at the various attempts that have been made to explore the Dark Continent.

The urge to explore the unknown and mysterious has always been a part of human nature, and it is a prevalent theme in the world of Hunter X Hunter. The oldest known attempt to travel to the Dark Continent was made 300 years prior to the current timeline by an individual who authored a travel journal called “Journey to the New World.” The journal was divided into two editions: East and West, but only the East edition was found. According to Ging, the author is still writing the West edition, and his name is Don Freecss.

The Inviolability Treaty was established by the V5 to prohibit any expedition to the Dark Continent. However, this treaty was not always respected, and in the last few decades, a total of 149 expeditions were recorded. Of these expeditions, only five had survivors, with 28 survivors across all voyages. Most of these five unofficial expeditions to the Dark Continent have not been explained in detail. However, one expedition involving Chairman Isaac Netero has been talked about, although it was not documented. Ging shared that Netero had traveled to the Dark Continent with his friends, Linne Hordoeuvre, and Zigg Zoldyck, during his youth. However, they went back after feeling dwarfed by the size and power of the creatures there. The fifth and final attempt was made by Beyond Netero, Isaac’s son, and a group of Hunters.

Before we delve into the dramatic consequences of these expeditions, it is worth taking a closer look at what motivated them to embark on such risky journeys. As the saying goes, “the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.” Each of the five completed expeditions brought back a special item that could potentially change the world. The first was the Unmanned Rock, a mineral that generates electricity when submerged underwater. A small rock can produce 20 megawatts per day, and a large enough supply could solve energy production issues worldwide. It was found in the North-Eastern shores of Lake Mobius.

The second item was the Herb for All-illnesses, a herb capable of curing all diseases. It was found in the ruins of an ancient city in the North Shore of Lake Mobius. This discovery was even more significant, as an unlimited production of this plant could virtually eradicate all diseases, saving countless lives.

The third item was the Nitro Rice, a cereal found in the swamps in the south of Lake Mobius. Nitro Rice was unique in that it could be used as an alternative source of fuel. Its seeds contained a high concentration of nitrocellulose, which could be extracted and used in the manufacture of explosives and other high-energy products. This discovery had significant implications for industries such as mining, construction, and transportation.

The fourth item was a rare gemstone known as the Mobius Star, discovered in the depths of the lake itself. The Mobius Star had a unique property of emitting a powerful electromagnetic field that could be harnessed and used for a range of applications. These included energy generation, medical diagnostics, and communication technology.

The fifth and final item was the Black Lotus, a mysterious plant found in the remote mountains of the Mobius region. The Black Lotus was believed to possess powerful mystical properties and was sought after by practitioners of magic and the occult. It was said to grant immense power and wisdom to those who consumed it, but at a great cost. Legends spoke of those who had dared to partake of the Black Lotus and were driven mad by its power.

As the group discussed the potential uses and implications of these discoveries, they knew that they had a momentous task ahead of them. The fate of the Mobius region, and possibly the world, rested on their shoulders. They would have to work together to navigate the challenges and obstacles that lay ahead, and ensure that these discoveries were used for the greater good.

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