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Dark Continent in Hunter X Hunter: Explained

In the world of Hunter X Hunter, the Dark Continent was a highly anticipated addition to an already fantastic series. Yosihiro Tagashi, the creator, amazed everyone with this new expansion that took the series to new heights. The Dark Continent introduced a level of power that was unmatched, along with vast, unexplored land and a […]

Hunter X Hunter Characters Ages, Heights, and Birthdays

Here is a list of the main characters in Hunter x Hunter and their respective age, height, and birthday: Gon Freecss – Age: 14, Height: 154 cm, Birthday: May 5 Killua Zoldyck – Age: 14, Height: 160 cm, Birthday: July 7 Kurapika – Age: 19, Height: 171 cm, Birthday: April 4 Leorio Paradinight – Age: […]

Ranked list of the most powerful weapons in the anime Hunter X Hunter

Here’s a list of some of the strongest weapons in Hunter x Hunter, ranked in order of their power and effectiveness: The Rose Bomb: The Rose Bomb is the most powerful and destructive weapon in the Hunter x Hunter universe. It was developed by the military of the East Gorteau country and has the power […]

Hunter x Hunter: 8 Intriguing Side Characters

In the popular anime series Hunter x Hunter, there are a variety of side characters that contribute to the overall story. Here are eight of the most interesting side characters from the anime: Hisoka – a rogue hunter who possesses immense power and a twisted personality Kurapika – a member of the Kurta Clan seeking […]