Ranked list of the most powerful weapons in the anime Hunter X Hunter

Here’s a list of some of the strongest weapons in Hunter x Hunter, ranked in order of their power and effectiveness:

  1. The Rose Bomb: The Rose Bomb is the most powerful and destructive weapon in the Hunter x Hunter universe. It was developed by the military of the East Gorteau country and has the power to annihilate entire cities in one shot. It’s a deadly weapon that can cause catastrophic damage to both humans and Nen users.
  2. Netero’s Zero Hand: Zero Hand is one of the most powerful techniques in the Hunter x Hunter world, and it is only known and used by the legendary Chairman Netero. It is an explosive and devastating technique that releases all of Netero’s Nen in one attack, capable of destroying entire mountains and even creating massive craters in the ground.
  3. Kurapika’s Chain Jail: Kurapika’s Chain Jail is a powerful Nen ability that restrains the opponent with unbreakable chains. It is specifically designed to be effective against the Phantom Troupe, and it is one of the few abilities that can restrain them without fail. It’s a potent weapon that Kurapika uses to take down his enemies with ease.
  4. Zeno’s Dragon Lance: The Dragon Lance is a powerful weapon used by Zeno, one of the most skilled and powerful Nen users in the series. It’s a spear made of Nen that can pierce through anything, including the toughest defenses. It’s an extremely versatile weapon that can be used in close combat and from a distance.
  5. Knuckle’s Hakoware: Hakoware is an ability used by Knuckle that allows him to lend his aura to his opponent, draining their aura reserves and weakening them over time. It’s a powerful weapon that can be used to take down even the strongest opponents, and it’s especially effective against those who rely heavily on their Nen.
  6. Killua’s Yo-Yos: Killua’s yo-yos are a unique and powerful weapon that he uses to fight his enemies. They are made of a special metal that conducts electricity, allowing Killua to shock his opponents with each strike. They are versatile weapons that can be used for both close combat and long-range attacks.
  7. Hisoka’s Bungee Gum: Bungee Gum is a versatile ability used by Hisoka that allows him to control his aura like rubber and gum. It can be used to attach his opponents to objects, deflect attacks, and even heal his injuries. It’s a potent weapon that gives Hisoka an edge in combat and allows him to take down his enemies with ease.
  8. Gon’s Jajanken: Jajanken is a powerful technique used by Gon that combines his Nen with the power of rock-paper-scissors. It’s a technique that can deliver devastating blows to his opponents, capable of knocking them out with a single strike. It’s a potent weapon that Gon uses to take down his enemies in battle.

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