Hunter x Hunter: 8 Intriguing Side Characters

In the popular anime series Hunter x Hunter, there are a variety of side characters that contribute to the overall story. Here are eight of the most interesting side characters from the anime:

  1. Hisoka – a rogue hunter who possesses immense power and a twisted personality
  2. Kurapika – a member of the Kurta Clan seeking revenge against the Phantom Troupe
  3. Leorio – a medical student who dreams of becoming a doctor and uses his hunter skills to fund his education
  4. Illumi – a member of the Zoldyck family and an experienced assassin
  5. Biscuit – a female hunter who possesses the ability to change her appearance and increase her physical strength
  6. Knuckle – a pro hunter who uses his ability to lend and collect interest on aura to fight opponents
  7. Shoot – a hunter who suffers from severe anxiety but is a skilled marksman
  8. Kite – a hunter and mentor to the main protagonist, Gon, who possesses the ability to summon weapons through a magical power called Nen.

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